Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Bubble: Last Minute Tour Of Mount Titlis ...

Having a feel of snow is not something new to lo kong and me. Our first encounter was when we went on a tour to Beijing during winter (December 2007) and a more recent one was when we were in Hakone, Japan in February this year. But these instances cannot compared to the layers and layers of snow on Mount Titlis in Switzerland. It was snow everywhere. It was extreme cold and it was extreme wind. We were lucky that day for its beautiful sun-shining weather. So it was extreme sunshine that I even got a slight sunburn on the snow-capped mountain!

We had left our Zurich itinerary open as we wanted to catch some free and easy days after the Zurich Marathon. Although our original travel itinerary only included Uncle Chew and Auntie Elaine, we were later joined by their daughter and her young family from London. She had 2 of the most adorable little tots (must see their pics). The whole family had pre-booked a packaged tour to visit Mount Titlis and since we did not have any particular plans, we decided to hopped on the same tour.

Titlis Glacier Paradise!
Our guided trip left Zurich on a comfortable excursion bus that took us on a scenic ride to reach our destination about 3 hours later. Mount Titlis stand 3,238 metres tall and just as most mountains in Switzerland, it provides a 360° of breathtaking awesome. It is also famous for having the world's first revolving cable car called Rotair. It is accessible via Engelberg, a small village that sits quietly in an idyllic valley which is central Switzerland's best-known ski resort. The ascension up Mount Titlis starts from the small village to Trubsee at 1,800 metres where we transferred to a bigger cable car to take us to 2,450 metres. Here we finally boarded the Rotair, a rotating gondola that provided the 360° amazing view of the glaciers.

Once at the top of Mount Titlis, we were given 2 hours to enjoy the panoramic views, basked in the sun and enjoy the facilities there. We took a ride on the Ice Flyer chair lift that goes down the glacier park. We took a miss on the slides in the glacier park and immediately return on the chair lift where lo kong unfortunately slipped and fell on the slippery ice when getting off the chair lift. He was alright except for a sprain on his wrist that broke his fall. We also explored the glacier cave. After a quick lunch, we followed up with a Movenpick ice-cream as dessert. We descended Mount Titlis in the opposite sequence of our ascension. On the way back to Zurich, we had a short stop at Lucerne, a city lapped by a scenic lake and surrounded by snow-capped mountains.

We soon hit the road again for the 3 hour ride back to Zurich where we dine at Walliser Kanne Restaurant @ Bahnhofstrasse ... an authentic Swiss fine dining. Uncle Chew and family headed back to London the following morning while we prepared for another day of free and easy stay around the city before heading back to Paris. After a night in Paris, we ended our inaugural European holiday on the 12pm flight back to KLIA.

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You had me at snow!!! :) Happy you're having the time of your life Wenny! :)

Thank you so much! This was the best place and time of my entire trip to Europe.