Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Note of Awareness #49

Different people have different words for God. The law of attraction just assumes that there is something larger than ourselves and that something is benevolent, loving and kind. Refer to word to whatever works for you and makes you feel comfortable. We don’t think God cares what we call her/him/it, as long as we call …

It’s hard to trust God when so much has happened in your life. And if you’re feeling ungrateful, it’s really okay to say that and express it. We do feel awful sometimes. We are ungrateful sometimes. God can handle whatever you feel. Including the bad stuff, including the blame and anger.

From Bill's 'Faith Matters' Blog

We know that during the darkest times, when the noise gets stripped away, God has guided us in making the “most” out of the precious time we get on this earth journey. By “most,” it doesn’t necessarily ever mean the most uninterrupted joy. It means sometimes moments of intimacy shared when sick, or when you hold someone’s hand because you would fall over if they were not there. The only difference we can see between a cursed life and a Blessed Life is the perspective of the participant. And that, we do believe, we can always shift with God’s help.

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