Saturday, June 16, 2012

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

I am so thankful for a constructive and fruitful day. I am sure it must be the same for several of my classmates who were present today. We had all been looking forward to our get-together but as usual it was never easy to get all the girls together in one place at the same time. Thanks to Kwee Nah for taking the time to coordinate amongst us although there were still quite a number of the Muar Misiput Gals who didn't make it today.

After months of postponement, I am grateful that 10 of us were able to make it and many thanks to our classmate, Wan Nee for putting up her beautiful home for our meet. Despite her reassurance, I know we did leave quite a bit of mess behind.

Yes it's happening! Finally, an idea born during one of our earlier meets more than a year ago is seeing some lights of day. I am so grateful that we hit off our first discussion of the many more to come that will make our lives' half-century milestone a grand affair ... one big bash to celebrate together which we've referred to as "The Big Five-O!" Next is to see how the majority of our classmates residing all over the country and abroad will response.

Time really flies and it has been ages since we left school but girls will be girls ... time is never enough to finish our chats whenever we meet and there were only 10 of us! Imagine when the whole batch of over 100 girls who've not met in over 30 years converge in one place???

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