Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Bubble: Going Under The Scan!

You would have read a few weeks ago that I had gone for a full medical check-up. This time I have included a stress test to check on the current state of my heart. Everything went well as the doctor even gave me a thumbs up for fitness.

Results of the entire check-up came about a week later. Blood glucose was as expected which had gone from good control to fair control ... that is not a good thing actually. As planned, I started on my diabetic medication immediately after. All the huffs and puffs drenched in smelly sweats plus the sacrifices of my favorite food are not doing any good any more ... so Metformin 500mg to the rescue. It's been a week now and while I do not see any mad spikes, neither do I see near normal reading on my blood glucose monitor. One more week to go before I check-in with the doctor again ... we'll see by then.

My medical check-up results also revealed an extreme unfavorable cholesterol level and a slightly higher than normal uric acid. That means another medication to be added to my daily pill-popping regime.

However, the most disturbing part of the report was that my heart had stopped intermittently during the stress test ... sounds like heart trouble. I was referred to a cardiologist at the nearest medical center where I underwent a CT heart scan. Quite a terrifying experience!

Diagnosing Heart Disease with Cardiac Computed Tomography
(CT Scan)

The machine was big like the Stargate portal you see in the movie. First I have to lie down on the slab that will slide through a big ring. Then they attached several cables onto my chest. Both my arms were made to rest above my head. The slab then slide in between the ring and a woman's voice guided me to breathe and hold my breath as the technician initiates a scan. The first round was to obtain a cardiac calcium score to find any buildup of calcium on the walls of the arteries in my heart. The cardiologist came in and advise that there were very little calcium in my arteries and that it is not necessary but still entirely my decision to proceed with the Coronary CT Angiography.

I was determined to have a complete peace of mind with regards to my heart and the doctor was soon looking for a vein on my arm to insert an IV. Only on the third try, she found one and inserted the IV where an iodine-containing contrast dye was injected through to improve the quality of the 3D image of my moving heart. They also sprayed a medication under my tongue which was meant to dilate my arteries before the same process of going inside the ring was repeated. While stationary inside the ring, I could feel my whole body warming up as if I had just down some tequila shots! Luckily I did not flinched at all as it could have affected the imaging.

The whole process didn't last more than half-an-hour but the waiting was longer. After more than an hour's wait, the cardiologist informed that I have nothing to worry about. However, I must ensure I continue with the high cholesterol and diabetic medication due to my family history.


2 Bubbles:

phewwww!!! happy the check up went smoothly...

Me too dear ... but still have to take care of diabetes and high cholesterol though. Can't run from a family inheritance ;)

Anyhow I'm determine to live, laugh and love my way through life ... as long as I can!

I know you work hard on your business. Always remember to give attention to your general well-being. Eat right, exercise regularly and most importantly, enjoy life with everything in moderation of course. Cheers!!!