Monday, July 16, 2012

My Bubble: Making It Random!

I am sure by now most of my regular blog-readers and friends would have noticed some peculiarity in my blogging. My blog entries seemed to have gone all haywire ... disorganized with old blog subjects returning to entwined with the new.

The disarray had not been intentional but neither will I intentionally return to the norm. I just want to be uninhibitedly RANDOM!!! For the time being at least.

Someone said, "We live in a crazy world, and if you want to get through it with your body and soul even a little bit intact, you might as well be crazy yourself. It couldn't hurt. And it just might help."

Maybe we all should take this advice. A little randomness won't kill me ... it'll probably make me ridiculously healthy, I hope.

I'm just being Random!

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