Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Poetry: A Gathering of Life

A Gathering of Life
by Terah Cox ©2003

It is not just the passing of years
but the ripening wisdom of living
It is not just a toll taken
but a well of receiving and giving
It’s not just the people come and gone
but the heart’s many faces and forms
It’s not just a weathering of skin and bone
but a weathering of stalls and storms
It is not just the luck of survival
but the brave conquering of strife
It is not just the passing of so many years
but a gathering of love and life

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2 Bubbles:

So very beautiful...and every word in it is true! Double thumbs up! Love life, live it!

Yay!! I feel that as we aged we mellow and learn to love life more through the wisdom we have gathered throughout those passing years. This poem just says it all ... it is indeed beautiful.