Friday, August 3, 2012

My Bubble: I Shall Speak My Mind!

I believe my blog is becoming a bore!  What started out enthusiastically to journal and share my self-discovery journey with the law of attraction has reached a plateau.  The enthusiasm seemed to have faded, maybe because it's kinda irrational to only post about positive stuffs in my blog.  C'mon ...  life can't be a bed of roses to blog about all the time!

Challenges do happen, not everyday but sometimes more than what we would have expected.  There's no rose without a thorn.  Yet the truth is ... challenges are good for us, to learn, to grow and to live! There are plenty of goings-on inside my daily bubble that I could have purposefully channeled here.  Yeah, they may not be all moonlight and roses but however bad the experiences may be and whichever way I had reacted should rest as testament to my progress working with the law of attraction.  This had been the original purpose of this blog anyway.

Unfortunately for fear of offending others or being misunderstood, I've swept them under the carpet!  Gosh, look who's being consumed by fear ... a fear of telling it like it is and the fear of being judged.  Well, guilty as charged!  I, Wenny Yap have failed to practised what I preached ... it looks like the self-saboteur is still residing in me!

"We cannot always oblige;
but we can speak obligingly."

Enough is enough ... time to move forward!

If I should touch on the nerves of people closer to home, then just as Henry David Thoreau said, "True friendship can afford true knowledge.  It does not depend on darkness and ignorance."

I'd like to think that I have been enough being conscientious and had enough of being taken for granted.  The fearful me must go!  Maybe not this instant but slowly and surely, the hell with what others have to say or think about me.  They are entitled to be offended and get angry as much as I am entitled to my thoughts and my opinions.  My emotional resilience is so much more valuable to me.  As this saying goes, "I am who I am, your approval isn't needed!"

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