Friday, August 24, 2012

My Bubble: I'll Be Away Travelling ...

Lo kong and I are on our way to the airport right now. We are heading Down Under and will touch down at 0525 hour on the 9th most liveable cities in the world ... Perth.

"Home is where the heart is,
and my heart is wherever I am at the moment."

~ Lily Leung

This was supposed to be a week's marathon cum vacation break but due to lo kong's still recovering injuries, we'll just be enjoying a 12km run together at the 2012 Chevron City to Surf race on Sunday and the rest is sight-seeing.

Regretfully, the hotels we're staying in do not have any free Wi-Fi which means I won't be able to update myself here regularly for the coming week. You can keep abreast with my activities on facebook though where I'll check-in wherever and whenever I can.

Cheers ... till I return!!!

2 Bubbles:

Enjoy Wenny!!! :) Take care..Hope Lo kong recovers soon!

Thanks a bunch Roma. It was a relaxed trip Down Under and now I'm back home trying to pick up the rhythm again.