Friday, August 17, 2012

My Bubble: Misunderstood Only To Be Understood!

"Every truth has two sides; it is as well as to look at both, 
before we commit ourselves to either." ~ Aesop

This is so true before we judge others who like to share their accomplishments, their happy story or their steadfast beliefs.  Majority of us are conditioned to jump at the conclusion that these people simply love to show off.

It is not to say that there are no such people who are actually show-offs and prima-donnas but it is far from the truth for people who share their proud moments and accomplishments in celebration.  Without  expectations or recognition, they are merely expressing their gratitude.  They are exercising the law of attraction and they will attract more successes into their life.

In the light of the recent London Olympic, I was impressed by a local story of a family matriarch who once had a golden opportunity to represent the country at the Olympics and how her athletic genes seemed to have passed on to her young grand-daughter.  To look from the positive perspective, this is an inspiring story that is worth a few minutes' of our time to pass around to inspire others.

Even when we are happy for them and share in their celebration, we too are exercising the same universal law.  The law of attraction is unbiased.  It will work for anyone no matter which side of the fence you sit.  Like attracts like, your sincere joy attracts more joy to you.

However, if you're feeling threatened, you'll attract more of what you think you are lacking.  It is your own undoing.  This is because of the "kiasu" spirit in action.  "Kiasu" which literally means "fear of losing" is one of the most often used Hokkien word in our Chinese communities irrespective of dialects.  As far as the universal law is concerned, it only means you are insecure.

It is sad how sometimes friendships could be ruined by the "kiasu" spirit.  Friendly competition and humour among friends are healthy but when taken to the next where 'uncalled slander' is used to make the other look bad, the line will be drawn.  It took a long while for me to write about this but I feel it is about time to set the record straight, at least to honour our actions for moving on.

There's always two sides to every coin.  There are definitely those who had been curious of our quiet withdrawal from a once active participation in a neighbourhood activity we pioneered.  I trust the misunderstood has been understood!

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Pull not push. Try doing that to a string and see what happens. It's the same when we deal with people.

You've got me there Situapui. You've got to elaborate a bit for me. Thanks!