Monday, August 20, 2012

My Bubble: Shooing My Running Nose ...

"There is an itch in runners."
~ Arnold Hano, 
Yesterday, lo kong and I went pounding the road for a run around the neighbourhood. It was a last-minute prep for the coming Perth to City Surf 2012 and he wanted to complete at least 10km to be ready.

Lo kong had been injured since he did the back-to-back marathon bid on New Year's Day in Taiwan. Followed by several other marathons in Tokyo, Paris, Zurich and twice in Singapore, he never really recovered. In fact, it has gotten worst and he's been undergoing acupuncture treatments for the past month.

Still stubborn to run a full marathon, thankfully I've managed to change his mind into running a 12km run instead at the coming race in Perth. I can never understand his passion for running the distance and I do not want to discourage it in any way but at least I do hope to encourage some due period of recovery if he wants to ever recover his personal best at sub-5.

I am not a running person myself but accompanying lo kong to make our footprints on the tar is just a form of getting in shape and take control of my diabetes. It wasn't the best timing at 1hr 20mins plus running in the drizzle, I've been sneezing my head off the whole morning!

Shoo ... shoo ... flu please go away! I cannot afford you cos I'm heading Down Under in a few days!

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