Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Bubble: Free & Easy Around Perth

When lo kong and I planned to travel to Paris, we were forewarned of pick-pockets.  When we wanted to go Beijing, we were forewarned about tricksters and cheats.  When we wanted to see Tokyo, we were forewarned of their complicated transits in the city.  When we wanted to travel Down Under, we were forewarned to be careful of what we are bringing with us into the country ... no dairy products, no meat and no greens.

Travelling to a foreign land can sometimes be terrifying especially when you know nuts about the language.  To top it off, you are sometimes frightened by other people's bad experience or some based on hearsay.  Ridiculously, sometimes these comments may come from people who may not have even stepped out of their homeland before.  Let's not be cheated out of our own travelling experiences.  Take every opinion and caution with a pinch of salt and travel.  Let's go and create our own experiences with an open-mind.

Having survived a city that's notorious with pick-pockets, a city famous for tricksters and conmen and a city that's packed with mind-boggling super-fast transits, we know going to Perth in Australia  will definitely be a breeze!  Believe me, going about Perth is simple, straightforward and most importantly, feeling secure.

While the original purpose of the trip was meant to be marathon cum vacation, we decided to keep it free and easy around the city since lo kong has not fully recovered to run the full marathon in the Perth City to Surf Marathon.  It became a leisurely but fun trip with no rush and no fixed itineraries except for the 12km run and pre-booked accommodations in Perth CBD, Fremantle and Scarborough Beach.

The beautiful spring weather in Perth was an automatic stimulus to get active and go out into the sunshine to enjoy their beaches and natural parklands.  Except for the run, there's just no opportunity to break a sweat going about from one place to another.  Frankly, I didn't mind basking in the sun!

Within the 6 days, we managed to finished our run, meet-up with my facebook friend [Moy Tai and her family], check-out the flora and fauna in King's Park, went biking on Rottnest Island, soak in the beach life in Scarborough, took a wine-tasting river cruise, tried out luck at Burswood Casino, sightseeing on their free CAT buses around Perth and Fremantle as well as eat and drink to our hearts' content!

There was just one thing missing this time though ... No Shopping!!

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