Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Poetry: When Life Feels Like A Mountain

At times life can seem too much to cope with. This poem reminds us that a fresh perspective can help. If you are seeking to motivate yourself in whatever circumstances you may be in right now, check out for more messages in the form of peoms to boost yourself with confidence.

Mount Titlis on the Urner Alps of Switzerland

When Life Feels Like A Mountain

When life feels like a mountain
Standing high in front of me
I pretend I am a bird
Flying fast and free

Winging up the mountainside
The peak now sharp defined
Draws me ever upwards
Fear and doubt are left behind

Soaring above the summit
The world lies at my feet
A carpet rich in possibility
Unfolds beneath

So when life feels like a mountain
Spread your wings and fly
Concentrate your mind
And aim for the sky

On the wings of confidence
You'll find everything you need
The birds-eye view clearly shows
The best way to succeed

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