Sunday, September 23, 2012

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

It is understandable to be worrisome sometimes about what life has in store for us.  No one knows what tomorrow holds or what awaits ahead for us in the future.  In truth, worrying does not change anything but perhaps creates an added burden.  Why allow ourselves to be so negatively affected by a tomorrow or a future that we have yet to know or escape from?  Worrying is based on our assumptions of the worst.

"We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy.  
The amount of work is the same."
~ Carlos Castaneda

With these said, the point is to focus ourselves on the positive aspect of life ... always look for the good in life.  So stop worrying about a past that cannot be changed ... learn from it!  Stop worrying about the future because it is not in our hands but know that we have the gift of choice to make it work better for us.  The law of attractions is in motion 24-hours irrespective you are in positive or negative state.  Doesn't it make more sense to feel optimistic and be thankful so that we can attract more of the abundance life has to offer.

As human beings, it is understandably impossible to be worry-proof.  Logically, we can't ignore some deserving worries in life but when we learn to live in gratitude, we are able to set aside all the unnecessary 'what if' and deal with issues as and when they arise.  It is living life effectively and efficiently.

So start adopting an attitude of gratitude and start living a life that you are able to enjoy.  Gratitude is a powerful tool to change our mindset and it is contagious.  Gratitude breeds optimism and you are going to be contagious!

Let me share my thankfulness.  I am thankful for the life I have been given and the eye-opening journey that has turned me into the person I am today ... wiser and definitely still learning.  I am grateful to have found my passion that makes my life purposeful each day.  I am thankful for the opportunities that life has sent my way ... to create friendships, to share my value, experience and knowledge, to see the world beyond mine and to make some pocket-money.  I am grateful I am enjoying life!

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