Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Bubble: Your Pace My Pace ... We Arrive Just The Same!

Everyone moves at a different pace and speed ... breathe, eat, talk, walk, run, react, work, progress and so on. Some may move too fast for others to catch up or some may just be rather slow to test our patience. However this is a matter of personal preference and at the end of the day ... no one's to judge you nor I.

"A friend should be one in whose understanding and virtue
we can equally confide,
and whose opinion we can value at once for its
justness and its sincerity."
- Robert Hall

But friendships and even family ties can become a thing of the past when one or more persons choose to view our eager pace forward as a threat. The Chinese Hokkien refers to this as 'kia-su' which means 'scared to loose.'

Why? Why should ambitions and achievements be a threat among friends and kins?  If we open our hearts and eyes with sincerity, we will see everyone have their own successes.  Some may be far more better than what we could have done but there's no need to measure, we share the elation just the same. It is simply called respect as we are all in the same boat travelling the world together.  Everyone's equally entitled to the same privileges ... it's just a matter of who wants to reach them quicker.  Whoever is slower, the door to the privileges remains opened.  

With a dedication to camaraderie, good friends put up with each other's crap and turn blind eyes even when taken for granted once too frequently.  But when friends find the necessity to resort to slander and lies ... that draws the line.  Well it has been to our advantage though ... we are now the wiser who are our truest friends!

It may be easy to forgive and forget but the betrayal is just too great to continue the friendship.  The trust is broken and we no longer feel comfortable to share parts of our life with toxic friends.  Although we may not burn any bridges, we choose to move on for our own good.  

2 Bubbles:

So very true of friends I've learned.
I also now learned a new term for it "kia-su"-thank you! Very much enjoyed this post.

I am a person who cherish friendships old and new. This post was just a random outburst of my disappointment that this friendship had only been one-sided. Too bad there is no turning back.