Saturday, October 6, 2012

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

I don't know whether to consider it an unproductive week or it's because Mother Earth has sped up on its axis.  It felt like Monday was only yesterday but when I awoke this morning ... it's Saturday!  Gosh, no doubt I have no complaints the way things are progressing but at times I can't help the feeling as if life is getting shorter!

Maybe this is just the symptoms of ageing.  A fact is a fact ... I'm no more 48 and I'm just one year shy from hitting the half-century mark.  Wow!!!  Reality sinking in ... but I'm still so looking forward to my Class of 1980's  Big-Five-O Celebration.  A bunch of us old schoolmates are already hatching ideas and itineraries for the reunion while some are helping to scour the planet looking for other long lost classmates.  It does not matter how many will turn up, whoever is present that day will have loads of rekindling old memories and catching up to.

Surely feeling the excitement now and how not to feel grateful for such a wonderful opportunity.  It is not always neither is it easy to gather friends who have been separated by the years, distance and commitments back in one common place.  I am thankful that some of us have been blessed with the convenience to meet up regularly.

Cheers to all my girlfriends of SMK Convent Muar ... may the force be with us to make the reunion the best birthday bash we'll ever have!

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