Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Poetry: I Don’t Want to Miss It …

I Don’t Want to Miss It ...
by mother4peace - Christine
This is a poem extracted from No-Sugar Added® Poetry

I have two angels in my life
And a love too
And I DON’T want to miss it
I want to see this story through

I want to be there for the science fairs, spring concerts
The boo boos, the flu, to catch them when they fall
The birthdays, graduations, weddings, grandchildren
And not miss a thing, see it all

I want to grow old with him
To be his gray-haired old friend
All wrinkly and prune-like
When we reach our eternal end

I want to be there just in case
My greatest fear becomes real
To carry some of the burden
To understand how it feels

I’m too stubborn to give in
And committed to endure
So I take my daily steps
In hopes WE find a cure

I am a mother
I am a wife
I am a diabetic
And I don’t want to miss any of it.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Living Deliberately: Make Life Happen Your Way

Some people may have the opportunity to live the life they love … one that’s filled with fun, freedom and opportunities. However, this kind of life isn’t out of reach for you once you’ve decided to take a chance to remove yourself from the familiar.

Taking a chance to remove yourself from your comfort zone does not have to be a drastic and shocking move. It can be gradual, kind and life-affirming. If you really envision yourself living the kind of life you love, then start with simple steps as follows:

1. Take responsibility – Accept the fact that you created the life you are living. Once you have embraced this fact, you can begin to make small changes to what you are doing now. You have the wonderful gift of choice and over time, these choices you manage responsibly will add up to change your life.

2. Break the habits – Most people become comfortable with routines that they tend to take things for granted and make unconscious decisions. It is time to break these habits that are drowning out your inner voice – your gut feelings that will lead your thoughts and actions. It will offer you the opportunity to evaluate, plan and take action towards the life you want.

3. Listen to yourself – Do you hear yourself frequently using phrases like ‘if only’, ‘I can’t’, ‘maybe one day’ or ‘how I wish’? Do you find all your conversations are focused on how unfair life is or how unlucky you are? Watch your language because it creates a mental picture of how you see yourself and your world. If you catch yourself doing it next, change your choice of words and you’ll start to notice how your life will begin to change too.

4. Spend your time and money thoughtfully – Sometimes the life you want costs money and takes time to happen. Patience and prioritizing will get you there if you are thoughtful about how you manage your time and spend your money.

5. Say goodbye to clutters and chaos – Many people are stucked with crappy job, toxic friends, dead-end routines, regrets and disappointments. These things keep the drama going and your life busy. Decide what matters, what you believe in and value, afterwhich you can start saying goodbye to those that are not.

6. Support from the like-minded – You will need support to face the changes you make. Find like-minded people who will share your journey. Don’t be disappointed or worry if there are those who do not support or share your new outlook. To live the life you want isn’t about fitting in.

Affirmation of the Week ...

I am actively exercising and managing my daily diet in order to keep my diabetes in check. As a bonus reward, I am also enjoying an increased fitness than I've ever had when I was younger. These days, I enjoy the power-walks, running and cycling.

This is my affirmation of the week ...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Bubble: Life So Sweet

Hey my blogfrens, I have just started another page to journal my journey adapting, living and triumphing over the dreaded  Type 2 Diabetes.

I am not a doctor or a dietitian ... I am just a reluctant sufferer, inheriting this metabolic disorder from my late Dad.  He was an adopted child and nothing is known about his biological family.  He had been a very heavy drinker in his days and was bedridden for years after suffering a stroke.  His diabetes could be hereditary or it could have been due to his unhealthy lifestyle.  Either way, today all his children have to manage the health issues that have been handed down.

Let's do something to slow down the figure ...

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that is affected a major population in the world, both the young and old.  Living with diabetes is not a death sentence.  Life may be a little different but it is all about adapting and managing.  Life can still be fun and an adventure.

I hope my new page aptly called 'Life So Sweet' where I journal my personal experiences can become a source of hope, inspiration and information for anyone who share's the same journey as me.  For easier access to this new page, you can click on 'Living Sweetly' at the top of page.  Thank you so much for visiting.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Living Deliberately: Where Is That Fresh Start?

“You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call ‘failure’ is not the falling down, but the staying down.” 
~ Mary Pickford

Starting afresh means getting out of your comfort zone to undertake something you’ve never tried before or to attempt something in a different way. You leave behind the old and start to embrace the new, igniting a new spark that will light your life with a deeper meaning and purpose, broader experience and so much more fulfillment than you have had so far. It can be anything from getting married, starting a family, career change, go back to school, retirement, relocation, travel places or simply changing the lifestyle that you are so accustomed to.

So where can you start afresh?

There’s never a good time or a right time. Just as everyone else around you or living far across the globe from you, all fresh starts begin right from where you are at the very moment you dare to leave who you have been and what you have been doing behind. You can start your life over at every second of the day!

Everything in life has to start somewhere and whatever fresh start you are undertaking, know there are consequences. Success or failure, they are inevitable but every difficulty or every challenge will only be shouldered in its time. Be assured that all obstacles are only temporary, so it’s just too early to think about quitting. In order to open the doorway into that true quality of life that you are passionate about, you have to overcome the discouragement from your old nature. If you want to live your life deliberately, you just got to let go of your old self!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Living Deliberately: How Do You Know You Are Living Deliberately?

Good question!

You may be living life the way you are intended for but you are unsure if you are living deliberately. Here are some questions that can help you discover your current state of life.

1. Do you believe you always have a choice?

When the goings is well, choices appear easy. However, when you are faced with difficulties or worst, life changing situations, choices always do not seem to be yours to make. Indeed you understand very well that you will always have the freedom to choose. To rise above or to remain stuck, you recognized that they are the results of the decisions you have made or going to make.

2. What are your priorities?

“What is important to me?” Ask yourself repeatedly until you find your invariable list of priorities. They are the ones that hold dear to your heart. Then move on to ask yourself this, “What am I willing to compromise, what am I willing to sacrifice them for to pursue the kind of life you want?” You are fine knowing that compromise and sacrifice will lead you away from your comfort zone.

3. Are you still procrastinating?

Fear keeps you in your place but courage will lead you through the road less traveled. Most people are inspired by endless ideas but when walking the talk, it’s second-rated. When you have made the commitment and take necessary actions to leave your comfort zone, you know turning back is not your option!

4. Are you aware there are consequences?

Every choice and action or inaction taken has their consequences. Some may be good while some bear negative results. Although you may not always have a control over the consequences, you are aware that you can control how you are going to respond and react to them.

5. Having any regrets?

So you took a plunge but things aren’t working out for you as anticipated … are you having regrets? Failure is a real possibility … a major consequence. But there’s no going back! While things did not turn out the way you expected, you moved on by making adjustment and changes. You are going to learn from it all!

Always know that life is fluid as your priorities, circumstances and lifestyle may change over time. What works for you today may not necessarily work for you in the future. While you pursue to live deliberately, you should realize that it is not about calculating each and every step in life. It is more about aligning your priorities, choices and actions with your decisions to live out a lifestyle option that’s best suited for you.

Do you think you are living deliberately now?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Living Deliberately: Do You Want To Start Over?

As Steve Jobs once said, "Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking.  Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice.  And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition."

Do you like the life you are living right now?  Don't think so ... then do you want to start over?

Whether you like it or not, your lifetime is limited and that includes mine too.  Shorter or longer, everyone is given only one lifetime on Earth with an opportune of countless second chances to live the life that you were born to live.  The problem is … most do not trust themselves!  They do not trust the power that lies within them … their judgement, their abilities, their capabilities and their strength.

Believe you are as good as anyone else … born before you or after you or of your generation … you have an equal birthright as anyone else.  Every person happily living a life of their own design started somewhere with as much doubt and fear as you may have right now.  The difference is they took the bold step and grab one of those second chances to start over.

Affirmation of the Week ...

I am fast approaching my half-century mark in life in less than a year. This year is definitely going to be a great one as I anticipate new adventures and excitement in the next half. I love my life and Yes to many many more great years ahead!

This is my affirmation for the week ...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Living Deliberately: How Ready Are You To Live Deliberately?

Do you think you are ready to live deliberately? Are you willing to rock the boat?

There will always be a period or even at various instances in your life when you give thought to how life could have been different from what and where you are today. Sometimes these instances are prompted by major unexpected disruptions or upgrading of your personal life. Major disruptions or challenges are often not by your own choice while upgrading one’s life could be the result from one or many concurrent actions or decisions you have made unconsciously. Either way, they will rock the boat you are in.

Inevitable as they may be, you can choose to deliberately or consciously tread the ‘road less traveled’ by facing up to your fears of the unknown. As you attempt to adapt to the changes or challenges that are bringing you away from your familiar grounds, you need to prepare yourself to make deliberate choices and actions which will turn them into opportunities for a future that you will find joy in.

Here are some tips that can help you find the joy by living deliberately;

1. Have a keen attention of your current surrounding … the time you are living in, the environment you are exposed to and the people that surrounds you. Being aware of your surrounding can help you respond and react more wisely and effectively.

2. Allow yourself some quiet down-time to listen to your inner self. It allows you to reflect on your priorities and how you would want your life to be … of course, a rational one that’s not too outrageous to be achievable.

3. Be honest with yourself and where necessary, compromise may be your key to work towards overcoming your challenges and the life you want. Being too rigid may just hinder you from achieving what you working very hard on.

4. Knowing what you want can motivate you into action simply because you are conscious of what you need to do to de-clutter the life you are in at the moment.

5. Close the gap between your priorities, intentions and actions in order to move forward. Having a clear sight of what you want out of your life but not followed by proactive actions will not bring you anywhere.

6. Actions bear results and practice makes perfect. You can start making deliberate choices in small steps and continually you will be moved by every moment to do what is right spontaneously. With practice, you improve your good sense of judgement.

7. They say ‘patience is a virtue.’ You need lots of them and it grows easier when you begin to appreciate whatever you already have in your life at the moment. Gratitude is key to greater abundance.

When you choose to live your life more consciously and to make deliberate choices, you are honoring your birthright. You know you are ready to live deliberately when you have decided not to let anything happen to you without your permission.

My Bubble: A Beautiful Sunday!

Settling … settling … settling … the entire family is now pretty settled in at our new condo. Everything has been unpacked and stored away. Whatever items found to be not useful anymore or unsuited for the new place have been duly sold, given away or thrown away.

I know I had been harping about how small my new home is but after tidying up everything, the place is comfortably spacious for the 3 of us … lo kong, Nick and myself. With most things well settled, I have to work on my momentum to get back to ghostwriting, blogging, fitness regimen and home-cooking.

The Lunar New Year is just round the corner … 3 more weeks to a Reunion Dinner get-together, the crackles and bangs of fire-crackers and handing out of ‘ang pows!’ Time flies fast and I am reaching the half-century mark of my life in less than a year. It is certainly exciting at the same apprehensive to think what life holds for me on the second half. Fingers-crossed, it is going to be as exciting but I am going to make it more rewarding than before.

Chill and Relax!

It’s a relaxing Sunday with cloudy skies outside, threatening to pour heavily and strong cool wind blowing through our front door. It’s a beautiful day for me!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Affirmation of the Week ...

We can spend our time concentrating our thoughts on so many things of the past and anticipating the unknown or assumptions of the future. However, let's not forget that our moment now is much more important than the past and the future. When we open our heart and mind to appreciate where we are right now, we can feel a deep calm of fulfillment envelope us ... we will soon see that all we ever wanted comes to us at its own time and place.

This is my affirmation of the week ...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Bubble: Working Up The Momentum Again ...

You know it's been almost a week since my last entry. I am still working up on the momentum to update my blog, often being side-tracked by Facebook. Neither good neither bad ... I just have to be more organised.

While checking on my FB news feed earlier, a status from got me thinking and perhaps it might you too.  "Before I die I want to ......................... "

I guess I'd better work harder on picking up my momentum because before I die I want to enjoy my life more, have a more relax approach to life, do more and share more with a hope that I can move others forward to live positively and deliberately.  I have already successfully incorporate it as my way of life and this is a legacy I hope to leave behind ... that I had live unreservedly, compassionately and meaningfully.

What's your take on this ... "Before I die I want to?"

Image from Positive Thinking ...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Bubble: All Is Well Right Now!

It had been a very eventful and accomplishing 2012 for me.  I wrote articles, I ghostwrite a book, I traveled, I touched base with an FB friend, I ran a 12 km race, I moved house and I acquired a new interest ... cycling.  So what's coming for 2013?

There will be plentiful to look forward to but I'll face it one day at a time ... no resolutions.  For now, I know I have missed out on the annual year-end revamp for my blog since I had been without proper internet connection for the past month.  Of course no one says it cannot be done now that my connection is back but I think this delay will definitely served a good purpose.

I had been wanting to revamp, reorganize and redirect my blog so that it may serve a better purpose to my readers in the blogosphere.  I had my thinking cap on for months and I have some ideas in mind.  This delay has given me more time to test out my ideas.  Before long, I hope you will see a brand new look coupled with a new direction.

As for now, I'll stick to the current layout that I am still very proud of.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Affirmation of the Week ...

I am glad to be back after a short disconnection from the blogosphere. Uprooted, disorder, interference and occupied, all seems to be getting into place and organised. Patience paid off and all is now well at its own time and place.

This is my affirmation of the week ...

Living Deliberately: Design A Life You Will Love

Of course it is easier said than to be done but no one ever said it is impossible.  After all, there are so many living proofs in the world you can identify with.  They could be the famously rich but they could also be your unassuming next door neighbor.  If they can live a life that they love, why can’t you?

Each day most people go through life doing what they do as the result of a series of events that have made their life what it is today.  Yes, not everything in life is under your control and it would be easier to just do whatever you do without giving too much thought.  Yet, it is not to say that you cannot activate a series of events that can change your life to the way you would love it to be.  It only has to begin with you!

So how would like to live your life?  What would you like to be doing tomorrow or one year from now?  How would you want to live your life if you were to retire today?

These are simple questions that you will have to dare yourself to imagine or dream about for yourself.  Designing a life you love is not going to be easy.  It takes effort … proactive effort and determination but most of all, you must know what you want out of your life.

“When you know what you want, and want it bad enough, you will find a way to get it.” ~ Jim Rohn

If you are already living a life you love, well done.  However, most people may be living a happy life not by their conscious design.  If you are neither of these, then it’s about time to put on your thinking cap and choose wisely in designing the life you will love.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Bubble: It's A New Year ... 2013!

It’s a new year and it’s normally a time when everyone gets cracking with a huge variety of resolutions. From the most common to lose weight and exercise to the least usual like climbing the highest peak of the world or cycling solo around the globe. What’s yours this time?

As for me, I’m doing away with the New Year resolutions! Why?

Well, while I may have some things in mind that I would love to accomplish this year, I simply do not think it is necessary for me to list them down. I am already so blessed and I am grateful for everything that has happened and that are ongoing in my life today. I am at peace and abundant which is more than I can wish for. The possibilities remained limitless and the Universe knows what is best and knows the perfect timing for them to enter into my life. All I have to do is to embrace them at every step, one day at a time.  With enthusiasm, gladness and patience, I will accomplish them at their time as long as I am pro-active in my every endeavor.

Patience Is A Virtue