Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Living Deliberately: How Do You Know You Are Living Deliberately?

Good question!

You may be living life the way you are intended for but you are unsure if you are living deliberately. Here are some questions that can help you discover your current state of life.

1. Do you believe you always have a choice?

When the goings is well, choices appear easy. However, when you are faced with difficulties or worst, life changing situations, choices always do not seem to be yours to make. Indeed you understand very well that you will always have the freedom to choose. To rise above or to remain stuck, you recognized that they are the results of the decisions you have made or going to make.

2. What are your priorities?

“What is important to me?” Ask yourself repeatedly until you find your invariable list of priorities. They are the ones that hold dear to your heart. Then move on to ask yourself this, “What am I willing to compromise, what am I willing to sacrifice them for to pursue the kind of life you want?” You are fine knowing that compromise and sacrifice will lead you away from your comfort zone.

3. Are you still procrastinating?

Fear keeps you in your place but courage will lead you through the road less traveled. Most people are inspired by endless ideas but when walking the talk, it’s second-rated. When you have made the commitment and take necessary actions to leave your comfort zone, you know turning back is not your option!

4. Are you aware there are consequences?

Every choice and action or inaction taken has their consequences. Some may be good while some bear negative results. Although you may not always have a control over the consequences, you are aware that you can control how you are going to respond and react to them.

5. Having any regrets?

So you took a plunge but things aren’t working out for you as anticipated … are you having regrets? Failure is a real possibility … a major consequence. But there’s no going back! While things did not turn out the way you expected, you moved on by making adjustment and changes. You are going to learn from it all!

Always know that life is fluid as your priorities, circumstances and lifestyle may change over time. What works for you today may not necessarily work for you in the future. While you pursue to live deliberately, you should realize that it is not about calculating each and every step in life. It is more about aligning your priorities, choices and actions with your decisions to live out a lifestyle option that’s best suited for you.

Do you think you are living deliberately now?

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I am working toward goals that tie to bigger objectives that involve making a difference. However, I catch myself from time-to-time procrastinating. I even have caught myself doing the same thing expecting different results. I don't think we can be perfect all the time and constantly achieving goals. Having said that, I track my successes plus the time between them to remind myself on those days when I can't remember if i'm living deliberately.