Monday, January 28, 2013

Living Deliberately: Make Life Happen Your Way

Some people may have the opportunity to live the life they love … one that’s filled with fun, freedom and opportunities. However, this kind of life isn’t out of reach for you once you’ve decided to take a chance to remove yourself from the familiar.

Taking a chance to remove yourself from your comfort zone does not have to be a drastic and shocking move. It can be gradual, kind and life-affirming. If you really envision yourself living the kind of life you love, then start with simple steps as follows:

1. Take responsibility – Accept the fact that you created the life you are living. Once you have embraced this fact, you can begin to make small changes to what you are doing now. You have the wonderful gift of choice and over time, these choices you manage responsibly will add up to change your life.

2. Break the habits – Most people become comfortable with routines that they tend to take things for granted and make unconscious decisions. It is time to break these habits that are drowning out your inner voice – your gut feelings that will lead your thoughts and actions. It will offer you the opportunity to evaluate, plan and take action towards the life you want.

3. Listen to yourself – Do you hear yourself frequently using phrases like ‘if only’, ‘I can’t’, ‘maybe one day’ or ‘how I wish’? Do you find all your conversations are focused on how unfair life is or how unlucky you are? Watch your language because it creates a mental picture of how you see yourself and your world. If you catch yourself doing it next, change your choice of words and you’ll start to notice how your life will begin to change too.

4. Spend your time and money thoughtfully – Sometimes the life you want costs money and takes time to happen. Patience and prioritizing will get you there if you are thoughtful about how you manage your time and spend your money.

5. Say goodbye to clutters and chaos – Many people are stucked with crappy job, toxic friends, dead-end routines, regrets and disappointments. These things keep the drama going and your life busy. Decide what matters, what you believe in and value, afterwhich you can start saying goodbye to those that are not.

6. Support from the like-minded – You will need support to face the changes you make. Find like-minded people who will share your journey. Don’t be disappointed or worry if there are those who do not support or share your new outlook. To live the life you want isn’t about fitting in.

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Great tips Wenny. Taking responsibility for your life and action is key to success.

Great post!!