Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Bubble: All Is Well Right Now!

It had been a very eventful and accomplishing 2012 for me.  I wrote articles, I ghostwrite a book, I traveled, I touched base with an FB friend, I ran a 12 km race, I moved house and I acquired a new interest ... cycling.  So what's coming for 2013?

There will be plentiful to look forward to but I'll face it one day at a time ... no resolutions.  For now, I know I have missed out on the annual year-end revamp for my blog since I had been without proper internet connection for the past month.  Of course no one says it cannot be done now that my connection is back but I think this delay will definitely served a good purpose.

I had been wanting to revamp, reorganize and redirect my blog so that it may serve a better purpose to my readers in the blogosphere.  I had my thinking cap on for months and I have some ideas in mind.  This delay has given me more time to test out my ideas.  Before long, I hope you will see a brand new look coupled with a new direction.

As for now, I'll stick to the current layout that I am still very proud of.

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