Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Bubble: A Beautiful Sunday!

Settling … settling … settling … the entire family is now pretty settled in at our new condo. Everything has been unpacked and stored away. Whatever items found to be not useful anymore or unsuited for the new place have been duly sold, given away or thrown away.

I know I had been harping about how small my new home is but after tidying up everything, the place is comfortably spacious for the 3 of us … lo kong, Nick and myself. With most things well settled, I have to work on my momentum to get back to ghostwriting, blogging, fitness regimen and home-cooking.

The Lunar New Year is just round the corner … 3 more weeks to a Reunion Dinner get-together, the crackles and bangs of fire-crackers and handing out of ‘ang pows!’ Time flies fast and I am reaching the half-century mark of my life in less than a year. It is certainly exciting at the same apprehensive to think what life holds for me on the second half. Fingers-crossed, it is going to be as exciting but I am going to make it more rewarding than before.

Chill and Relax!

It’s a relaxing Sunday with cloudy skies outside, threatening to pour heavily and strong cool wind blowing through our front door. It’s a beautiful day for me!

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