Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Poetry: I Don’t Want to Miss It …

I Don’t Want to Miss It ...
by mother4peace - Christine
This is a poem extracted from No-Sugar Added® Poetry

I have two angels in my life
And a love too
And I DON’T want to miss it
I want to see this story through

I want to be there for the science fairs, spring concerts
The boo boos, the flu, to catch them when they fall
The birthdays, graduations, weddings, grandchildren
And not miss a thing, see it all

I want to grow old with him
To be his gray-haired old friend
All wrinkly and prune-like
When we reach our eternal end

I want to be there just in case
My greatest fear becomes real
To carry some of the burden
To understand how it feels

I’m too stubborn to give in
And committed to endure
So I take my daily steps
In hopes WE find a cure

I am a mother
I am a wife
I am a diabetic
And I don’t want to miss any of it.

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