Sunday, February 3, 2013

Living Deliberately: Are You Intent To Begin Your Deliberate Journey?

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao-tzu. The intent of this ancient phrase is very clear. No matter how large your task, no matter how far the distance, no matter how insurmountable the challenge may seem to be, it all starts with just one step. The crux of it is that if you don’t try, you are not going to achieve or overcome anything.

Living deliberately is as easy or as hard anyhow you want to think of it. No one should be deprived from living the life they want as long as it is not out of this world. It is your birthright! When you have made the decision that you want to live your way, you will take deliberate actions to look for positive aspects in everything that surrounds you, everything that you are doing and every experience that you come across. As you continually focus on all that are positive, you will notice your thoughts and emotions improving positively, changing your perspective and increasing your motivations. It does not matter if it is going to be tough or otherwise, you become confident that you can do it as long as you are intent to pursue it.

You make your life deliberate when you give it a purpose, your attention and how you choose to respond to every moment. Being intent to live your life deliberately means you have acceptance and appreciation of whatever life is throwing at you and you are intent to find the opportunities in them. Irrespective they are simple or complicated you can trust you are stronger than how you’re seen.

So are you intent to begin your journey to live the life as you desire?

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