Saturday, February 16, 2013

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

I found that having an attitude for gratitude allows me to enjoy the abundance that are already existing in my life. That's why I believe if we focus regularly on the things we are grateful for, we are able to attract more things to be grateful for even if they are not necessarily according to our expectation.

Frankly it doesn't cost a thing to practise an attitude for gratitude.  Gratitude is free and it prevails in everyone.  We just need to recognise and acknowledge the things in our lives that bring us satisfaction and joy.  It is a way to arrive at our happy place by appreciating life in the present moment and to enjoy life in the present moment.  When we have finally arrive at our happy place, then the easier it is for us to spot the opportunities that are laid in front of us.

So, do you recognise the things in your life that you are grateful for?

Since I started making a conscious effort to practise gratitude every day no matter how small they are, I have become a calmer person and always striving to look at the positive side of unfavorable situations.  I have also learn to live my life specifically for myself according to my own terms.

There was a very black spot in my life some years back.  While I may not have wanted it to happen at all, the most dreaded had happened and it cannot be undone.  Today I am grateful that it became a turning point in my life ... an eye-opener that prompted a big change in my life.  I am thankful that I am making conscious efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I am thankful that I am able to walk, run, swim and cycle to keep my diabetes in check.  Rather than concentrating on things that I do not have, I am grateful that I have so many things that I've never had before to make me happy and feeling satisfied.

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