Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Living Deliberately: Validate Yourself And Live A Deliberate Life

Empowering others to validate yourself is to live according to others’ expectation and approval. This is not life by your own design. So are you dependent on others’ approval and validation for your self-worth?

Everyone needs validation. It is absolutely normal as everyone has been constantly receiving validation since their birth. Loving parents consistently offer their validation to their children’s feelings, intelligence, interests, talents, compassion, intuitions and of course, achievements.

Unfortunately as your formative year progresses, you become accustomed to your parents’ validation that you take yourself for granted. Unknowing to you, you functioned more and more on auto-pilot while at the same time allowing the circle of people whom you seek to validate your values and actions to expand. You have forgotten about yourself – the only person who should be empowered to validate yourself after your parents.

To validate yourself is to accept, love and respect yourself. When this happens, you would have eliminated any internal conflict that is creating a disharmony in you – you are in harmony with what you believe to be right and just. Basically, you are at peace with yourself.

Not many people can realize internal harmony as most people struggle out of balance with their deepest values and passions. They are out of sync with their true self. If you want a deep sense of inner peace, you need to rediscover what is at your very core and build from there. You must discover your true self before you can move on to plan your life the way you want.

“Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice” – Wayne Dyer

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