Friday, June 14, 2013

My Bubble: A Two-Month Silence

Looks like there's been a 2-month silence here on my blog.  Well, there has been one too many distractions and finally, I can sit and pen something.  Lest my blog-friends may think I have gone MIA.

Anyway, I had been part of a school reunion committee making preparations to celebrate our half-century mark in life together.  The turnout was way beyond our expectations along with most of our teachers whom we could locate.  Teamwork ensured everything went perfectly well.  Our theme for our reunion night was 50 & Sexy.  We even had a 'back-to-school' trip the following morning and were welcomed with performances by the primary kids from our alma mater.  Old memories were recalled and lost connections rekindled.  It was a complete success that suggestions were already flying among the attendees to celebrate our 60th birthday in as grand the style.  Well, 10 years may be a long time away but as we all know ... time flies when you are not watching. 

I was also not doing much article writing as I was concentrating on this book I was ghostwriting.  Several revisions were made to the draft and I am now waiting for the feedback on the last edit.  This book has taken longer than it was agreed upon and lucky for me the delay at been on the author's side.  Anyhow, my fingers crossed that the edits are accepted and I can expect the final payment soon.

Meanwhile, I have finally rearrange and change a bit of the look on my blog.  Firstly, I've finally gotten my own domain after months of thinking and this blog is now pointed to it.  Anyone who googles my name will have no problem locating my blog.  While there may be thousands with my name outside, I am happy that I at the top on the first page of Google.

At the moment, I am writing my second e-book and hopefully I can finished it within the next month.  I also have an unfinished work for the school reunion - a post reunion video which I am sure all my schoolmates are eagerly waiting for.  [Sorry MMGs for the snail pace!]

Tomorrow I will be hitting the road back to my hometown to participate in a cross-country run.  This is going to be the first 21km run that I've ever taken part in.  My training has taken so far taken me 16km and I certainly hope I can complete this run within the qualifying time of 3 hours.  Wish me luck!

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