Monday, December 16, 2013

Law of Attraction: When Opportunity Knocks

Do you believe in luck? Most people all over the world have been conditioned through their respective upbringing to believe anything that happened in their lives beyond their planning or control is just plain luck. Are you really going to let the word ‘luck’ have so much power over your destiny?

As a law of attraction practitioner, whether it is called luck or fate or coincidence, we know it is actually the result of our subconscious wants, our focused attention and our willingness to take action when opportunity knocks. “Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.” ~ William Jennings Bryan

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, destiny is described as the things that someone or something will experience in the future. These things do not always happen the way we expect it to but they do happen based on our belief, our actions and the choices we make. A law of attraction practitioner knows we can control our destiny. Our future is not set in stone as it is still changeable by the many opportunities that come knocking at our door when the time is ripe and when we least expect. These opportunities give us an advantage to review and revise our ambitions, goals or desires to be followed inspired efforts to develop and accomplish them.

Opportunities are present around us all the time. Recognizing these opportunities is dependent on our intentions and mindset which is influenced by our belief system. It is a powerful attraction tool that creates our thinking and our attitude. Do you believe you are all worthy and deserving of the abundance that are waiting for you out there? While your conscious and logical mind may be inspired to receive the abundance, your true belief system is your inner self that chooses to see or not see the opportunities that are showing up on your doorsteps. The contradicting thoughts within us create a limiting belief that will blind us into making the necessary decisions and changes crucial to accomplishing our goals or intentions. A limiting belief makes us see opportunities as difficulties and unfortunately hinders our success.

There’s an aged old proverb that says “opportunity only knocks once.” However with a positive mindset, “life always offers you a second chance and it’s called tomorrow.” While waiting for tomorrow to come, learn to listen to our inner self, that subtle whisper that comes from the back of our head and take the initiatives to understand;

1. Our purpose in life
2. Our personal values
3. Our passions
4. Our strengths
5. Our weaknesses

Understanding these five values is an important step towards overcoming our limiting belief. It keeps us on track on our life’s journey with a destination in sight. Opportunities are the means that will help us get there but it would be meaningless to open our door when opportunity knocks unless we are sure where we are heading.

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