Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Bubble: Tardy People Makes Me Boil!

It has been a quiet start here on my blog for 2014.  Regretfully I've got to rock it by posting an angry entry because of one man's tardiness.

Let me just ask this question ... why is there such a thing called appointments?

It is an arrangement to meet with someone at a specified time and place.To me appointments may be made for various reasons but most of all, it is made to respect everyone's time.  Time is precious and it can't be just wantonly wasted by sitting around waiting aimlessly.  Time moves forward without a pause or rewind button.

My time is precious to me because I have many things I want to accomplish in one day.  Life is full of surprises, I won't know what could be happening tomorrow.  Therefore, if we've made an appointment to meet then you'd bloody better be on time or early ... I don't think 5 minutes earlier will kill you, will it?!

If people who are regularly punctual are late, they're not tardy because they would definitely have a darn good reason.  But a person who is repeatedly late and expects the entire world to wait for him like some VIP, then he is tardy.  This means he shows no respect for my time or my feelings.  This really makes me boil!

I don't care if you have or have not mastered your time management skills ... it is not my problem but your inability to show up on time and without prior notice is rude, selfish and arrogant.

I will normally extend my respect to all my new acquaintances irrespective of their age, gender, race or position.  Whether that respect maintains, dwindles, grows or gets completely wipe out is entirely up to that person.

In this case, this person has totally lost every teeny-weenie bit of respect from me!

There ... Lady Knox just blew her top!

2 Bubbles:

Agree 100%! I used to have lunch several times a year with a former co-worker. She arrived late every time--and always sorry. Sometimes she would call to say she was running late--but she was already 10 minutes late when she called. I stopped agreeing to get together.

Hi there Ric, how are you?

Understand your feel too. In my case, this fella doesn't even call to inform he will be late or not coming. I have to call and call and he also doesn't pick up his phone until he's up and ready.

He's got a sorry state of self-centredness and the world really needs less of his kind.