Friday, October 3, 2014

My Bubble: A New Update

It's the last quarter of 2014!

After a recent birthday, I'm now a half-centurion plus one.  Okay ... you do the maths.  Thanks!

One year later and I still haven't fulfilled one of my half-centurion wishlist ... completing an ultra-trail marathon, The Most Beautiful Thing in Sabah.  Yup I failed again at my second attempt.  Disappointed?  Verh much!  Any 3rd attempt?  Hmmm ... still thinking.

Anyway, still need to move on and train for the next event which will be a first for me.  Call me itchified for registering.  Anyhow, rather than burn the expensive registration fees, I've got to make sure I try.  Who knows I might just survived with a medal in tow.

More details when I complete the event.  For now,  wish me luck!

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