Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Successful First!

I like cooking but it must not be a drill.  I'll cook when I feel like it or when there's a craving or when there's an inspiration to try something new.  And I don't cook on weekends! 

However, I'll swallow my own words for this one time. 

On Sunday I suddenly decided I wanted  to try cooking lo kong's all-time-favorite ... the ever popular Chinese Roast Pork Belly (Siew Yok). 

Found a simple to follow recipe on the net and followed every step to the T.  Heated up the oven and put in the marinated pork belly.  One peek 2 peeks later, I had to tell myself ... "this is not going to be constructive!"

Putting my mind into my freelance work, the time passed quickly and it was time to remove the pork in preparation for the next level of roasting.  It certainly smelled right as I continued with the roasting with a short prayer ... "Oh please please let it look right too!"

Soon the skin of the pork belly began to pop and looking more and more of a crackling pig skin.  I felt relieved that this slab of meat that cost me RM35 will not go to waste after all.  After a 40-minute constant monitoring and the Siew Yok was ready!  

I waited for it to cool a little with another prayer ... "Oh please please let it taste too!" 

End result was a mouth crunchy roast pork belly which was a tad too salty but lo kong loved it. It's all that matters and I will definitely try again to perfect it!

"A bruise is a lesson ... and each lesson makes us better." ~ George R.R. Martin

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