Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Curiosity Kills The Cat!

I'm doing a recruitment exercise for my employer.  Our business is growing and we need to get our team ready to absorb more work and responsibilities.

In my 20-something years of human resource experience, I know we will come in contact people of varied characters.  It's never easy but a good laugh over it is the best cure.

I had quite a number of responses to my job ad today.  Many queried about the job out of curiosity even though my ad was very specific.  The glaring message is do not call if you don't fit the entire list of pre-requisites.  But alas ... curiosity kills the cat!  They still called.

Anyway one lady stood out.  I actually like her tenacity but sadly it was inappropriate.  My job ad specified that the candidate must have accounting qualifications and relevant work experience.  Shouldn't that mean working on the books. She had no related qualifications but had worked in an accounting software company as a quality assurer.  She enquired and claimed that I was not specific in my ad. She was even far-fetched to think my job ad was for positions selling accounting software.  I humored her for awhile with her persistence. I had to tell her at point blank that she does not fit the bill in order to discontinue the conversation.

It's good to be determined but not all the time.  There's always the place and time.  However sometimes some people are just plain mental!

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