Friday, January 9, 2015

Employee Attitude Kills Company Image!

I believe once in awhile I can be allowed to be pissed! I have been so stressed up by this courier service, Nationwide Express since Christmas Eve.  Their website slogan 'A Promised Delivered' only means we will deliver but you have to collect personally at our office!

I am not the only who complained!

I am apalled by the attitude of their delivery man.

My bank which is also one of the worst banking institution in the country, had sent out my redemption coupon to me using the mentioned courier service.  I had no inkling at all that they had tried to deliver to me twice before the notice from my bank as there were no Undelivered Notice left at my doorstep or even my mailbox.  I subsequently made an arrangement for the 3rd delivery directly with the courier service and waited patiently on that day.  I dare not even step out of the house and was still in jammies till late afternoon ... until when I opened my door and an Undelivered Notice fell in.

Wow, the delivery guy had so silently come and go.  No knock on the door and mind you ... I have a door bell that will jolt the hell out of you if anyone rings it.  He dare not even put a time on the notice but only the date ... now we can understand why.  Sneaky right?

Call my bank to complain and a second time because no one got back to me on their next course of actions.  Then they promised to get Nationwide Express to escalate delivery again.  On Monday, the courier service called to double-confirmed my delivery address and if I will be home that day.  I waited and waited with my front door ajar the entire day but till today, zilch!!!

Called the bank again today and I was put on hold for ages while they check.  Then the killer response came ... "The courier service will not deliver after the 3rd delivery.  I have to pick up personally at their centre."

What the .....!  Why don't they tell me that on Monday?!

Not the first complain I've ever wrote to my bank (which I am still loyal to because of location convenience) ,,, let's see what they say when they hear the 3 voice recordings between their customer service officers and myself.

Frankly, there's nothing wrong with both companies ... the bank or the courier service.  It is the people working down the line.  Malaysians!  Many are still not matured to understand about integrity and responsibility as an employee to their respective employers and customers.  They simply don't realised that a business is like a food chain ... unhappy customers go away, less earning for the company and there goes the bonus and in worst situations ... downsizing or close shop!

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