Sunday, January 4, 2015

Learned From A Silly Mistake ...

I am always confident in multi-tasking.  Yet while trying to blog from two separate gadgets today got me into a sticky situation.

Had a thought that I wanted to share earlier and blogging from my smartphone can be quick & easy.  But the fingers were too trigger-happy that I accidentally deleted my last posting in a jiffy!

I'm glad after spending the last hour recovering my deleted  blog post ... all's well now.  The moral of the story here is 'pick up a lesson or two' rather than getting angry with the situation.

Now I've learned that we can actually recover our deleted post.  All this while I had thought that once it's deleted ... it's gone forever!  Arghhh ... thinking back those times I had to rewrite my postings.

Anyway with Google we can always try our luck finding a solution.  It may or may not work but it's worth a try.

So folks, if you do get into such a predicament as this, know that you can undo the mistake by checking out Easy Methods To Recover Deleted Blogger Blog Post.

Remember ... stay cool don't jump.  If there's no solution in sight the worst case scenario is to just re-do.  Cheers & Happy Sunday!!

Now I've lost my train of thoughts to the entry I had in mind earlier ... gosh!

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Thanks for the tip on how to get our blog posts back. Sadly, I'm quite sure I will need that at some point in the future. :)