Thursday, March 5, 2015

Chap Goh Mei!

Today is Chap Goh Mei ... the 15th and final day of the celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year.

It is so quick ... just a blink of the eyes.

Coincidentally my Aussie Boss is in town today.  It is what I call an Office Day ... a day when my entire team of freelancers gather at the office to work and bond with one another.  Most days we work from home.

So today we're going to expose our Boss to the art of 'Lou Sang!' ... the tossing of Yee Sang for increased business opportunities, better health, more wealth, safe travels and good relationships among the team members and clients.

A plate of Yee Sang usually consist of julienned white radish, carrots, turnips and key-lime leaves with red pickled ginger, sun-dried oranges, chopped Chinese parsley, chopped peanuts, sesame seeds along with a packet of crispy crackers and some spices to mix them all up.  There are other combinations offered in the market though. This dish is eaten with treated raw fish such as salmon, abalone od jellyfish.

Been a great year working with my Aussie Boss and the team.  Here's looking ahead to more successful years together.

Gong Xi!  Gong Xi!