Sunday, June 21, 2015

Re-Organize & Re-Prioritize!!


1) I love my work but it must not exceed the allocated hours ... full-stop no buts!

2) My home's grown into a total mess, it's giving me the headaches!  A regular cleaning & tidying must be in order! 

3) I'm piling on the weight ... time to get on the exercise regime.

4) Miss Red's piling on the dust ... time to get it on the road!

5) My diabetic control is off-the-chart ... time for regular home-cooked meals.

6) My library needs new books to sustain my personal development.  Time to visit the bookstores.

7) My blog died!  Time to give it CPR!

8) My social life is getting zilched!  Girlfriends, where are you?!

1 Bubbles:

Hi Wenny ..
How Are you ?
I really like your articles and blog so keep up the nice work

Peace & love from Sweden

Mobrok Daw