Monday, September 28, 2015

My New Visionboard

My last visionboard was made in December 2011.  It was overdue for an update and I finally worked up the motivation and inspiration to create a new one.   I am very very grateful that all my dreams on the last visionboard had been successfully accomplished and it's time to move on.

Moments are quickly flying by as if Mother Earth is rotating on its axis at the speed of lightning.  24 hours does not seem to be enough these days.  Every new day will bring change no matter big or small.  Therefore, a lot can change in 365 days!

Life goes on ...

While mine has changed aplenty, I believe I need to pump some life into it.  Everything looks a little stagnated at the moment.  As Bruce Lee puts it;

"There are no limits.  
There are only plateaus.  
And you must not stay there, 
you must go beyond them."

I am confident with my new visionboard, new paths will be created.  Paths to new adventures, new challenges and new limits!

Here's my new Visionboard!

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I love your new Vision Board. It is very inspiring, and I think I need to put one together for myself.

Thanks for inspiring me.

Have a great day!

Paul at ThoughtBlazers LLC

Hi hi Paul ...

I'm glad to hear of your plans. Please share when you are done with yours.