Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Good & The Bad

Excuses, excuses, excuses?!! 

Well, I guess it's no more an excuse not to update my blog when it has become a deliberate neglect. 

My last update was written in December 2015.  Several drafts sat abandoned or whittled away while I became driven by 'greed' (I guess?) to make as much $$$ (satisfaction?) as I can.

Yeah ... the good and the bad of making money at something you have a passion in.  I love my work to the extent that I could have possibly 'flattened my butt' sitting for upto 10 hours non-stop at my workstation.

The good = money money money!

The bad = life came to a standstill as there's only a single purpose in life left and that's work work work! 

OMG!!!  Have I forgotten why I went into early retirement?

OK, am slapping myself now!  I'll be back soon.

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