Saturday, June 30, 2018

A Decade Old Bubble!

A Decade Old

This year marks the 10th anniversary of my blog ... exactly 10 years old in October 2018.

It started excitingly with a simplistic blogname "Inside My Bubble Today."  It was subsequently changed to a unassuming "Wenny Yap Dot Com."  Sadly, my blog has been taking many on-and-off breaks ... some short ones and some long ones ... afterwhich it stalled.  It has been sitting comfortably on the back burner for the past one year.

Stalled Engine

It is turning into a tug-of-war trying to get the stalled engine blogging again.  Ideas zoomed past very quickly ... swoosh!  Regretfully my physical self is too slow to respond due to a half-dead zeal for blogging and a distraction by greed.

With the readiness of Facebook in an instant to post my every thoughts and annoyances, even my Twitter has turned into a broken record-player.

What's New

I guess my last post in December was unintentionally a bid to say "Hey I am still alive and kicking!"

Since then, much has happened:-

  1. Out of the blue, I decided to change my 8-year-old Proton Saga to a new Perodua Myvi.  Just collected my new car yesterday.  Finally the end of those breakdown woes!

  2. My son initially claimed that I kicked him out of the house and out of the country.  Well, I believe he should be thanking me now since he is living comfortably in Singapore.  What more, he has managed to move on to a new job that's more in line with his career choice.

  3. Surprisingly despite being an unrepentant workaholic, I managed to adopt a new obsession ... Taiwanese dramas!  Thanks to my Big Sister who fills her days with Chinese dramas and K-dramas ... she sucked me into her world and I am kinda hooked!  Of course, I am still careful enough to be selective so as not to affect my work.  I only watch the works of one particular actor ... not hunky-dory but hunky-pretty ... and more so for his natural acting talent, singing and outspokenness.  Oh ya ... and he swoons me to sleep with his songs!

  4. With a new obsession of anything Taiwan, I have also embarked on brushing up my Mandarin ...  "I am a banana!  Yellow on the outside white on the inside!"

  5. There was a major shift in the political scene of my country.  Malaysia held its 14th General Election on May 9th 2018 which had been dubbed as "the mother of all elections!"  Its people including myself turned out in droves, queuing under the hot sun in schoolyards and waiting patiently to cast our votes.  Voter turnout hit above 80% which saw the country's first change in administration after 61 years.  

  6. It was an historic event for our country and majority rejoiced with a renewed hope.  It was unbelievable and people from all walks of life irrespective of race and religion celebrated together.  This change has brought a renewed sense of patriotism to its people.  We can now proudly declare ourselves as Malaysians again!

  7. We even entered the Guinness World Records for having the oldest Prime Minister aged of 92.  With his 22 years of experience as a former premier of the country, Malaysia is on the path to greatness again!
I have asked before and I am pondering again.  Is blogging still an in-thing?

Is it worth the time to revamp my blog look?

Well, till my next post materializes ... after a stint of tug-of-war that is!

再见 zài jiàn

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