Wednesday, January 9, 2019

What's New In 2019???


Sunday, December 30, 2018

Bye Bye 2018!!

Time again I will comment that time flies.

Indeed it waits for no one.

As quickly January came at the beginning, December is as quickly to bid goodbye to another fruitful year.

I am grateful to be blessed with many positive exposures, experiences and empowerment in 2018.

Though I don't blog much about my noisy bubble these days, it has been an eventful year.

I guess it's much quicker to share on Facebook.

I worked, I traveled and I shopped.  I have girlfriend days.  I played Candy Crush.  I watched serial dramas and I idolised a singing hearthrob too! 

2018 has been good to me!

I'd also wish to thank everyone who had accompanied me throughout the year.  You've made my journey less lonely and more meaningful.

Thank you all and Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

My 10th Blogversary

Wow!!!  10 years since October 2008.

It is my blogging anniversary and gosh I had forgotten all about it!

Talk about getting old? 

Or it's a matter of too many excitements going on these days?

Whatever it is ... better late than never. 

A Happy Blogversary to "WENNY YAP.COM"!!

Not been blogging regularly these days but I do hope to make a comeback.  That's if blogging still remains an in-thing.

A warm appreciation to all my blogfrens who are still following my blog and tweets!