Monday, October 27, 2008

From Flab to Fab ...

Last Friday, while reading the Star papers, I came across a book review, aptly headlined as "Operation Downsizing". It was a review on the book "Champions: Body for Life" by Bill Phillips, a fitness entrepreneur.

When Bill Phillips first came out with his bestseller "Body for Life: 12 Weeks to Mental & Physical Strength", it was manual guide to his programme that will help radically change one's body in just three months. "Champions" is his follow-up book. Now, I am not going to talk much on this book which I have yet to read.

What interests me from the review is that this book is yet another testament to the power of the mind in manifesting a burning desire. In this case, from flab to fab!

As I opined earlier, looks is not important as along as we are happy with ourselves. But let's not forget the bigger picture. Attempts to change our looks may not necessarily be for vanity sake but for health reasons. There are growing evidence to show that our modern lifestyle has changed so drastically that many are developing health problems such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and so on. To lower the risk of such health problems, we need to take charge of ourselves and make that ever important decision "I need to change!".

From young, I was never a small person. I was fat as a child and plumb in my teens. Then I joined the workforce. Having made my own money, I splurged myself with nice clothes but of course, I need look good in them too. So, I changed my mindset, "I must slim down". I was healthy as an ox then, medical leave was rare throughout the years. Exemplary employee huh? My weight went from 66kgs to 53kgs. I was proud of my achievement though my pocket was getting much much lighter and my wardrobe was running out of space.

Then I married Ray and after having my son, Nicky, my weight shot up so much that I am embarassed to even mentioned it.

Besides, my family has a history of diabetes and hypertension and it is only a matter of time that I have to face these health problems. I was diagnosed a diabetic in February 2006. Stories and images of amputated limbs was going round and round in my head.

Again, I decided to change my mindset, "I must reduce my weight and increase my physical activities". I need to if I want to have a fruitful life. I was 65kgs then and today I am proud to say that I have another 5 kgs to loose to reach my desired weight of 53kgs. I feel great that my diabetes is classified as 'satisfactorily under control'.

My point is that once we have made that decision to change and focus our thought on it, we are able to harness that power from within to turn what we don't want into what we do want. We are the captain of our own ship. We steer it whichever direction we want to go and how fast we want to get there.
If anyone aspires to turn that flab to fab ... no methods or programmes can do the work unless it has been decided from within you. Yeah, nowadays there are plenty of slimming centres and slimming diets abound. But they are only the half-way mark!

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