Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gender Differences: Are Men & Women Different?

Everyday on my way to work or home, I would normally tune-in to, a local radio station. This morning when I switch-on the channel, the DJs were debating on 'Emotional Differences Between Men & Women'. Arguments among the DJs and opined callers made me smile all the way to the office.

Are men and women really that different? Of course, apart from the apparent physical appearance, can we really say men are different from women or vice-versa?

In our Asian conservative culture, sexism had been a practice for ages where men had been raised to believe that they are far more superior than the women. It was only in the last century that feminism made it possible for women and men to conceive equitable human relations between the sexes. So why do we still insist on any differences?

Today, such stereotyping should not hold any more ground. Men and women today are privileged to at least a basic education or higher education if the determination exists. Men and women are now pitched onto the same playground to prove their worth. This change has now empowered women in many fields once dominated by men. Admittedly, there are women who have become better achievers than men.

So, are men more emotional than women? Are women more petty than men? Are women weaker than men? Are men faster than women? And so on ...

Generally, no one individual is the same with another. Their attitudes, aptitudes, skills and beliefs will differ. It is these characteristics that give each individual their unique abilities, irrespective men or women.

It is the Law of Attraction, using the power of the mind to achieve what was perceived impossible that determine the achiever. As Henry Ford said, "If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right."

In this modern day, men and women have learnt to compliment each other to live up to their potential, to balance their strengths and weaknesses in order to lead a productive and meaningful life. Let's learn to appreciate and respect your male or female counterpart.

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you know, in the end, we all need each other. instead on focussing on the issue of equality, we should focus on the person's talent instead and use it to help each other. like you said, all individuals are unique.

Thank you for your support, Ali Joe.

If all men, especially those in authority in the less developed countries, can fully comprehend this, then many of their men and women would have an opportunity to work hand in hand to bring progress to their country. Acknowledging this increased respect for women could also put a stop to the abuses and violence towards women.