Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Law of Attraction: Eliminating Limiting Decisions

I am a HR Manager in a small enterprise. Not for long I hope.
I want to be retired before my 46th birthday.

Today, there was an ex-employee who came up to the Management appealing to be re-instated into employment. He is a very young chap, married with child but he is not an exemplary employee in the company. During his employment, he was tardy and acted arrogantly.

Earlier this month, he absconded without repaying an outstanding advance taken from the company earlier. On top of that, he also privately owes his colleagues money that he had borrowed over time. He claimed to be under tremendous pressure because he could not even afford to pay his house rent as his salary had been deducted by the bank for outstanding hire-purchases. As he was out-of-his-wits and felt helpless, he decided running away was the only option.

How did he get himself into so much debts? Where's the priority? Regardless, debt is debt. It is easier to get into debt than to get out of it. This will remain so, as long as he continues to make limiting decisions like running away or refusing to dispose unnecessary hire-purchases or maintaining false prestige.

Limiting decisions often times limit us and keep us from being able to create the future the way we want it. All our limiting decisions can keep us from experiencing the full range of choices that we really have. It deny us from making positive decisions to move forward eventhough it may be right there under our nose!

Everyone of us has our own debts or liabilities whether avoidable or unavoidable. Use the power of our subconscious mind to turn down limiting decisions. Allow positivity into our mind, we will attract the abundance in the universe ... our bills will definitely get paid!

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