Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Law of Attraction: Face Up to My Fears ...

Fear, fear, fear ... the debilitating effect it has on us. It can be numbing. Crippling at its worst. In fear we quiver, in fear we shall self-sabotage. That's why it's important for us to face up to all our fears.

Without fear, there will be no inner demons. Our inner demons are the negative element that will thwart us in our life's journey towards self-discovery, self-growth, self-enrichment and subseqently the 'Freedom to Live'. This is not an easy struggle but we have to.

According to Napoleon Hill in his book "Think And Grow Rich", there are "Six Ghosts of Fear" which are the cause of all discouragement, timidity, procrastination, indifference, indecision and the lack of ambition, self-reliance, initiative, self-control and enthusiasm.

Yesterday, I ransacked my inner self, running through my lifetime's drawers and shelves to seek out these 6 enemies that I may not realise exist. If they do, these ghosts may just be my stumbling blocks.

Voila! As if a recipe for the Chinese Hors d’oeuvre ... I have 4+2!

  • The fear of POVERTY
  • The fear of CRITICISM
  • The fear of ILL HEALTH
  • The fear of OLD AGE
  • The fear of DEATH
Wow! Guess I have alot of work to do now. Getting rid of all these junks!

Anyhow, I feel so encouraged by the continuous self-discoveries I made so far while I harness the power to master the Law of Attraction.

Today, I am in the process of attracting all that I need to do, know or have to attract my ideal desires.

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