Saturday, October 18, 2008

Today, I am in the process of attaining the RM20 million JACKPOT!

Today's another Jackpot draw. RM20,000,000!
I want to increase my Vibrations by giving attention to my Desires

Friends, friends, friends ...
please don't laugh at me but with me. We all leave in a materialistic world, don't you agree. When people preached "Money cannot buy you Happiness", do you nod in agreement or do you have something to say? Me? Frankly, whoever's promoting this is probably living in Fantasy Island.
"Money can buy you Everything" duh

"No Money No Talk" ... right?
I think I better take that back. Don't sound right.

Everything is money nowadays. No one's going to be happy if there is no money to put food on the table, when money is barely sufficient to look forward to the next day.

"Money can buy Happiness", that I believe.
We all need money and I need money for my Financial Freedom.
So what do I want?

I want to win the Mega Toto Jackpot!

I love the thought of winning the Mega Toto Jackpot!

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