Monday, October 20, 2008

Today, I observed this proof and discovered ...

I considered myself still a novice, a greenhorn in the matters of Law of Attraction. Other than reading people's blogs and articles available on the internet, I have only read 2 books on this. Today, I discovered another book of interest by Sonia Miller, "The Attraction Distraction: Discover Why The Law of Attraction Isn't Working for You and How to Get Results - FINALLY!".

On its briefs, the book seems to delve a little further into the manifestation of our desires. The title by itself makes the book a worthwhile reading adventure.

In our quest to master the basic principles of the Law of Attraction, I believe we should take time off to understand what Sonia called the 'Attraction Distraction' and comprehend why we are not attracting our desires at the speed we expect.
Me, I need to.
I realised without knowing my personal shortcomings, I will not be able to liberate myself from my limiting beliefs and sustain the positive thoughts in my Vibrational Bubble

I am convinced that the Universe is sending this resource (this book) to help me discover my true self and open my live to the abundances I crave for.

Today, I harness the power of knowledge for self-management and free myself from the shackles of doubts.

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Actually I think that's a good point to make about the law of attraction because it lead you to the book and the book you can use to lead you to what you seek which is more information - another definite sign of the law of attraction at work!