Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Six Ghosts of Fear #1: The Fear of Old Age

Old age ... is it a punishment?

Just went for my facial treatment yesterday evening. Vanity, health or to stop the hands of time? Frankly, before yesterday, I would have considered these facials as remedy to counter the effects of 'age catching up on me'. I am conscious of growing old whenever I mentioned the number.

Today, I have decided that I shall overcome my fear of old age.
Today, I have decided that my facials are a necessity to counter the assaults of 'extreme environmental elements'. It is to promote skin health rather than stop aging.

Old age ... could it be so dreadful? No doubt, there are increased and reduced physical manifestations. We have noticed them in our parents and people's parents. I have noticed them in me already!

Just the other day at the clubhouse, hubby and I befriended another member, a friendly Indian chap. Being Asians, after all the small talk, popped "How old are you?" Our jaws dropped right to the floor. He is 50 and looked no older than 40 with two daughters in college. He looked even younger than us. How does he managed to stay so young?

In their book "YOU: Staying Young", Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen said, "While aging itself may be inevitable, the rate of aging is certainly not. In fact, 70% of aging is affected by simple things you do -- or don’t do."

Well, old is just a number. Done right, aging need not feel like a punishment. The choice is within the grasp of our hand. Let's all grow old gracefully by doing it right:
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Engage in positive thinking
  • Practise spirituality
  • Always practise moderation
  • Be grateful for life and enjoy it

Pearl of Wisdom

I love the thought that as I grow older each day, I gain another day's life experience. Each year as I grow older and wiser, I am like an oyster developing my valuable 'Pearl of Wisdom'.

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