Friday, October 24, 2008

Six Ghosts of Fear #2: The Fear of Loss of Love of Someone

I have a great friend, Sue. We met when we were working in the same company in 1999. We clicked and have remained close friends even after we have both moved on to other companies. I would like to describe Sue as a gentle, loving, conscientious and patient person. In short, she is a gem of a gal.

However, I felt that life has dealt her hard blow as she lost her husband to cancer a few years back. But she is strong and has moved on. She became adventurous, pickng up diving, white-water rafting, climbed Mount Kinabalu and travelled alot. Because of her wonderful nature, she has a good circle of friends and a supportive family.

Many a times when I think of her, I tended to question myself "Can I be as strong had it been me?" I normally close my eyes as I'm overwhelmed with dread and immediately shake off the thought.

The love of my life, Ray, is a fishing enthusiast and is always game to travel the distance for a good catch. Hutan Melintang to the north, Kenyir Lake to the east or Rompin to the south. Sometimes, he'll go deep-sea fishing too.
I would be anxious whenever these trips are planned. Travelling at night in order to enjoy a good catch in the early dawn. I would insist that he calls me on his every rest-stops. While he and his friends drives excitely to reach their destination, I would be left an insomniac! It's all over again on the return trip!

Then there is my Sunshine.
A 17-year-old teenager with raging hormones, trying to assert his independence. As Ray and I try hard to allow him some freedom, we fear he will mix with the wrong group of people and leads a life he will regret sooner or later. Is he matured enough to face the outside world?

When we love someone so much, is this the free gift inside the box? Or am I just too much of a worry-wart?

Today, I realised that I have to erase this fear for the Law of Attraction follows whatever energy we are eminating and it is "like attracts like" that send more of what I don't want back to me.

Today, I attract into my Vibrational Bubble, faith in the Infinite Being, God who will guide and protect all my love ones wherever they are and whatever they are doing because God only has goodness planned for all of us.

To my friend Sue, the Infinite Being works in mysterious ways. You had choices and thus far have chosen wisely. I know you believe in the Law of Attraction. So, know exactly what you DON'T WANT in order to maintain a clarity of what you DO WANT. The infinite abundance of the universe will work its way to you.

2 Bubbles:

it is a very touching comment about me i wish i am as strong as you described me in fact am flattered by positive comment of me. Nevertheless, i will try to be the person you have portrayed and be the Law of Attraction works its way to both of us. CHeers my dear friend.

Sometimes it takes a true friend to really see thru our strengths or weaknesses. Good or bad, it is meant with good intentions.