Saturday, October 25, 2008

Six Ghosts of Fear #3: The Fear of Death

Death ...
It is an inevitable life experience that no one wants to face. We can't hide, we can't run or stop it. All of us have to accept that it's sooner or later. Be it our own or that of our loved ones. Death is 100% guaranteed!

Today, I made a decision to change my mindset about the fear of death. If it is inevitable, then why fret over the fishing trips or worry over a growing child. I should be thankful for each new day and enjoy this gift of life before death becomes of me. I should be grateful for each new day I am blessed with my loved ones.

Our bodies are only mortal. A physical apperance that makes us visible. What truly makes us is our soul and spirit from within us. They are eternal and will continue to live even when our mortal bodies had turned to dust.

Whether we are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or Hindu, there is one common belief. That the Infinite Being has only goodness planned for everyone and they continue into eternity. This is Faith. In Faith, we shall have Trust. A trust that when we leave our mortal bodies, we are continuing with the future purpose of the Infinite Being. Like a job promotion, we are being promoted by the Infinite Being. We should be excited of what lies ahead. So, why fear dying?

My Stairway to Heaven

How we embrace the notion of death is entirely a choice. To have trust that there is a future after death, will help us cope with the present circumstances. The reality of separation from our mortal bodies and the separation from our loved ones.

So, from this day forth, I shall unlock this prison door to my mind and release my doubts like,
  1. How do I face death?
  2. How do I deal with death?
  3. How do I deal with separation dealt by death?
  4. How do I carry on?

With Faith, I learn to Pray. When I pray, I am letting the Infinite Being know of my faith and asked to be blessed with more goodness. I shall pray for Salvation. I shall pray for Forgiveness. I shall pray for the Strength to sustain my commitment towards my change for the better. With a open and receptive mind, I know the Infinite Being shall reveal to me everything I need to know at the right moment of time.

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