Sunday, November 30, 2008

Today, inside my bubble ...

I've been feeling under the weather since this morning.
Having a bad headache and my body aches all over,
I think my joints are dropping off.

Big SneezeMust be this flu going around this past week.
Almost every time, someone near is sneezing or something.
Funny thing, my internet line seems to be feeling under
the weather too!
It is so DARN SLOW since yesterday night.
Will have to continue later. Sleeping

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Today, inside my bubble ...

Today I am overwhelmed with calm. I feel less conflict within myself today and I am delighted that whatever I had started out to do are progressing well. I am grateful with the happy and peaceful moments that's growing within my family. I shall continue to overcome my mental conflict by affirming frequently:

"I am one with my inner consciousness.
I release my request with faith and confidence.
It is my right to be rich, happy and successful.
Day in day out, I am being prospered in all of my interests.
Money flows freely to me and endlessly.
I know my true worth and give my talent freely.
I am wonderfully blessed financially.
It is so Wonderful!"

Poetry In My Bubble ...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Law of Attraction: Manisfesting Troubles At The Wheels!

Ever wondered why some drivers frequently faced mishaps on the road?
Why some are so prone to car problems than others?
Why some are so reckless yet so confident?

When I had my first brand new car, a Proton Saga:
~ a public bus swerved right into my side while stationary at a red light, 4 months-old only!
~ Twice! my windscreen was shattered by flying pebbles, consecutively one after the other!
~ bumped into the rear of a Nissan Sunny when the driver applied emergency break!
~ ran over a dog that dashed in front of my car, luckily dog not harmed but my car was!

Next, I switched to a brand new Proton Wira:
~ a lorry driver purposely let his lorry glide into mine during peak hour traffic jam!
~ a youngster hastily reversed his car right into mine because he and his friends were excited over a parking!

Then changed to a brand new Proton Iswara:
~ couldn’t understand why there’s always some sort of mechanical problems …
~ subsequently discovered that the car had prior accident!
~ so CHEATED! Bought the car from an authorized dealer!

Geez! Lost all confidence in the National Car! But still couldn't afford the foreign-imports, so turned to the Second National Car, PERODUA.

Got myself a KEMBARA.
Such a under-powered 4WD …
No pickup … a PETROL-GUZZLER! However, its wonder is ...
I HAVE CONFIDENCE! … Fear not the road bullies or the reckless ...
except for BUSES & LORRIES! In some ways, I guess when you drive a 4WD, you get RESPECTED! It's the power of the sub-conscious mind.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

In My Photo Bubble: Free & Easy in Phuket

An Escape to Phuket, Thailand
02.08.2007 ~ 07.08.2007

In My Bubble of Gratitude ...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Today, inside my bubble ...

Yesterday's draw, I miss the 1st prize again ...
Very Good! Closer and closer now ...
Bought: 6861 ~ Draw: 6561 ... $$$ ... RM8000 ... hmmmmm
I am in the process of receiving my abundance soon!
Extra cash!!!

In My Bubble of Gratitude ...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Law of Attraction: Applying Law of Attraction At The Workplace

Ponder for a second …
Imagine yourself to be unbelievably rich with no liabilities at all …
Now, ask yourself … would you still be working?
You, me and practically everyone else ... OF COURSE NOT!
Who wants to work anymore? Ridiculous!
Unless if it is something you're truly passionate about ...
that's an exception.

Now back to REALITY…
Not everyone can attained such luxury at the same time. Until then, you will continue to work for a living. You will still look forward to that paycheck every month-end. You may not always have an opportunity to choose the work you want to do. However, you can choose to like your job or you can choose to dread it. Whatever your position, “like attracts like”. You just get more of what you put into your thoughts!

How can this belief attract what you want at the workplace? How can it bring more value to your worklife?

Create clear intentions:
  • Think about what you want to achieve in your workplace
  • Think about the kind of environment you want in your workplace
  • Think about the level of interactions you want with your co-workers
  • Think about the type of relationship you want to build with your superiors
  • Think about how you can contribute to enhance your current job
    • Give your intentions the attention:

    • Change your mind about the conditions and situations at the workplace, focus on the positive aspects
    • Feel good about your affirmations because you believe them to be true and possible
    • Practise positive visuals of your intentions until it becomes a second nature
      • Simply allowing it:

      • Identify your limiting beliefs
      • Remove all your doubts and negative thoughts
      • Find and experience proof, no matter how small they may be
      • Celebrate the evidence of proof, even if it’s only a close match
        • Appreciation & Gratitude:

        • Continuously promote your own self-healing
        • Take time to appreciate what you’ve achieved and experienced so far
        • Practise giving thanks for everything that you’ve attained or experienced, no matter how small
          • According to the Law of Attraction, you attract all the good and the bad in direct proportion to your beliefs. If you are clear about what you want and trust that it is your birthright to be joyful, healthy and prosperous, then the greater will be your ability to experience what you desire, not only at your workplace!

            Poetry In My Bubble ...

            Monday, November 24, 2008

            Law of Attraction: Attracting Your Truth Through The Choices You Make

            I had just started on a new entry for my blog that particular morning when I momentarily side-tracked to read the Sunday Star. An article caught my attention and after reading it, I was moved by the strength of this French lady in the article. Find the full article in The Star Online at

            It is an inspiring outlook that I believe deserves to be share with all net-citizens. I emailed to her immediately, seeking her permission to share her story in my blog. When she replied giving her permission, I became apprehensive and fearful that I had put off writing this entry for a few days. I think they call it a ‘writer’s block’. I fret that I may err in my words and my purpose, lest I may offend her.

            I have never personally met Florence Lambert, a wife and a mother, but reading about her, she undoubtedly personifies the following quote by Walter Anderson:

            “I am responsible.
            Although I may not be able to prevent the worst from happening,
            I am responsible for my attitude toward the inevitable misfortunes that darken life.
            Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life.
            I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss,
            or I can choose to rise from the pain
            and treasure the most precious gift I have ~ life itself.”

            Florence lost her young daughter, Sophie, to cancer in January. Sophie was just 6-years-old. Her warm and happy smile will always dwelled in her parents’ heart. Young she may be but her innocence and purity gave her a big heart of gold when she successfully raised RM60,000 for a boy she had made friends with in the hospital. This despite being unwell herself. She also made Florence promised to get her a little brother or sister, so that her parents will not be too lonely when she’s gone. Florence and her hubby are now the proud parents of a baby boy, Alexander.

            God gives and God takes
            but God does all things well.
            He took your darling "Sophie"
            to heaven with him to dwell.
            He had a little angel band
            that wasn't quite complete.
            He took your sweet “Sophie”
            to fill a vacant seat.

            Florence had turned her loss into her strength, so that it transforms into the power that makes her strive. Managing through those trying times and keeping Sophie’s memories alive, was the catalyst to renew a creative project, Gadis Manis that she started almost 2 years earlier. Gadis Manis is a brand of fashion and accessories with a twist of Malaysian culture. She single-handedly conceptualized and designed all the items herself from emblems to bags, scarves, T’shirts, greeting cards and notebooks. Interestingly, Florence does not have any designing background, except for loads of creative inspirations.
            Gadis Manis can now be found at several hotel boutiques, souvenir and fashion shops in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Kuantan. For more details, please visit

            Keeping with Sophie’s wish to sponsor a cancer-stricken child each year, Florence hopes that the proceeds from the sales of Gadis Manis items will enable her to carry on where she had left off. It is a very noble cause by a lady who conquered her darkest hour, to realise both hers and Sophie's beneficent purpose in this world.

            Today, inside my bubble ...

            So many near misses for the 4D Prizes!!!

            Bought: 1368~Draw: 1386~Prize: RM14000
            Bought: 3666~Draw: 6366~Prize: RM14000
            Bought: 8585~Draw: 9585~Prize: RM8000
            Bought: 3322~Draw: 3222~Prize: RM8000
            Bought: 6861~Draw: 6618~Prize: RM8000
            Bought: 3666~Draw: 9666~Prize: RM600
            Bought: 8631~Draw: 6831~Prize: RM600
            Bought: 9891~Draw: 9821~Prize: RM400
            Bought: 8585~Draw: 8855~Prize: RM400

            I am so SURPRISED! All these misses within the last 2 months.
            Never before did we ever had so many near-misses in such short period.
            We have IMPROVED!
            Looks like we are on the right track ... it's so EXHILARATING!
            We just need PATIENCE and make more IMPROVEMENTS in ourselves!

            Sunday, November 23, 2008

            Today, inside my bubble ...

            Let's See A Movie Ahhhhh ... it's been a long daayyyyyy...
            I'm taking a break now. I'm going to catch-up on CSI on the tube ...
            then maybe a movie or two after ...

            As you probably already notice ... I've been busy with my blog.
            Christmas ... the joyful season is just round the corner ...

            Saturday, November 22, 2008

            Today, inside my bubble ...

            Hey! You must be thinking that I have run out of ideas to write in my blog. Seems to be putting in videos, poetries and inspirational quotes in a stretch. So sorry to disappoint everyone ...

            I just got so much ideas in my mind to include Inside My Bubble, it feels as it they are going to burst out of my head soon! There's just so much I want to do but time is just so limiting. Of course, I do not want to drain myself up either.
            • I need to give priority to my job that's giving me the month-end pay-check
            • I need to go the gym every other day, if not I won't be fit and slender
            • I need to have my 'Family Time' with Ray & Nick
            • I need to catch-up with my friends as often as I can
            • I need to read all the books I bought recently, I'm reading "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" by Dr Joseph Murphy at the moment
            • I need to get enought beauty-sleep, that's when all the ideas can materialise
            • I need to research on my ideas over the net
            • I need my 'Quiet Time' to reflect, visualise and allow all my wants to manifest

            Geez! I just didn't realise I am one busy lady! Bubble Bath
            Need to add one more requirement now ... I need calm ... I need a BUBBLE BATH!

            Poetry In My Bubble...

            In My Bubble of Gratitude ...

            Friday, November 21, 2008

            Today, inside my bubble ...

            Got back my blood-test results just now ...
            No uric acid ... no Gout!
            I was O.K. then but now, I feel GREAT!

            In My Photo Bubble: Leisure in Langkawi

            Leisurely Langkawi
            A short leisurely honeymoon @ The Westin Langkawi

            In My Photo Bubble: Going About China

            Going Places in China

            Today, inside my bubble ...

            It's RAINING SEASON again!
            It rained cats and dogs yesterday evening. Consequently the traffic jam was horrendous! A half-hour journey home ... turned into a 1&a-half journey!

            It challenged my mindset. But I was calm ... patient. Patience!
            Patience is a virtue and on its own a reward.
            It instilled APPRECIATION, appreciating the passage of time.
            TOLERANCE of everyone's struggle to wait.
            CALM the complexity of the mind.

            It makes me a better person.
            Patience allows everyone to have a HAPPY EXISTENCE!

            Thursday, November 20, 2008

            Poetry In My Bubble ...

            Closer To My Dream
            © By Keisha L. Short

            I am closer to my dream
            Close your eyes
            Imagine me
            To just hold out my hand, I can see it
            My dream is within my reach
            My dream is real, this I do believe
            Just a glimpse into the future,
            peeking through the light of a crystallized moon
            I am there, I am here
            I am a dream fulfilled
            I used to be afraid to dream
            I never believed that a dream could come true
            But, now I do
            It has happened to me
            I have begun my journey
            I am poetry and how sweet it is
            I am closer to my dream
            Close your eyes
            Imagine me
            My dream has become... a reality.

            In My Bubble of Gratitude ...

            "Gratitude helps you to grow and expand;
            gratitude brings joy and laughter into your life
            and into the lives of all those around you."

            ~ Eileen Caddy

            Today, inside my bubble ...

            Popped into my regular bakery this morning to grab some pastries for my lunch. There she was ... this sweet young lady, I think no older than 25 ... she wasn't wearing any name tag ... I didn't thought of asking for her name either ... hey! don't think sideways alright?

            Many times when I went to this bakery, I seemed to have a little bit of communication 'problemo' with the staff because they spoke mainly Mandarin. And my Mandarin ... it's HOPELESS!

            Went to YMCA for Mandarin classes but ...
            You see, I am one of those they called 'bananas' ... yellow skin but white on the inside!
            No worry though ... I sent Nicky to a Chinese School for his primary education. Now he speaks fluent Mandarin. See the upside, I have a full-time translator engaged for life!

            Anyway, back to this sweet young lady. Why she impresses me, not the the others?
            • She speaks fluent English which brought down the barrier for spontaneity.
            • She is so friendly, polite and welcoming as you enter the bakery.
            • She patiently clarifies the customers' queries eventhough it's just a loaf of bread.
            • She takes pride to explain how the pastries and bread are made and the different ingredients added.
            • She's just simply perky always!

            She sets very good example of what good customer service is all about. I am sure there are many other customers equally happy with her service. Her positive attitude is just NOT a temporary display. It is her true inner energy bursting out! It's just effortless!

            Wednesday, November 19, 2008

            Today, inside my bubble ...

            Dear Friends ...

            "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mystical.
            It is the source of all true art and science."
            ~ Albert Einstein

            Aura is a traditional term for the protective psychic and spiritual energy fields that surround and penetrate the physical body. It encircles each of us as the sun's rays encircle the sun creating a halo. The appearance of the aura, whether attractive or repulsive, depends on one's physical health, mental attitudes, and spiritual development.

            Below I share the aura that surrounded Ray and myself, when we took these photos a few years back. The aura expert had translated to us with much detail and had added some advice for improvements too. Just keeping an open mind and appreciate the before and after images of our auras.

            Before: Photo A of Ray was the first taken depicting plenty of green. There was no balance existence as his attention had been so focused on career alone. While he may be contented and happy with his career, there was self-doubt encircling him outside the green area that hindered him from climbing up the corporate ladder.

            After: Seven months later, photo B showed tremendous improvement where he was described to have achieve spontaneity. He has found a sense of belonging with a relaxed sensitivity and empathy for esthetic experience. With the profound self-healing, he radiated with a bountiful rainbow of colours in his aura.

            Before: My photo A was not a perfect rainbow of colours. I had a strong force of will but lacked spirituality. The green on my left however indicated very good career growth but had begun to stagnate as the establishment where I was employed was not growing. There was so much pink around me as my expectations was high on love and family and seeking harmony with everyone around me. Due to my aspirations, my health had taken a backseat as can be seen from the blurred aura on my face.

            After: Photo B showed me to be spiritually motivated. I was a good and intuitive listener as indicated by the blue around me. I was putting the highest vibrational frequency. I was comtemplative and peaceful. Career was no more my priority as I had begun to look forward to early retirement.

            The colours of our aura are signals from our inner being seeking to inform us the actual state of our body and mind. Let's tapped into this hidden magic within us to activate our self-healing powers. START attracting ONLY good people and good things into your life while repelling all the bad that you had been attracting!

            Law of Attraction: Cleaning Your Aura To Energise Your Bubble ...

            Everyone has an aura. The human aura is an energy field surrounding our physical body. It surrounds you in all directions. In a healthy individual, it makes an egg shape about the body. The colour radiates by your aura tells how you are feeling. Aura contain many different colours, changes constantly and each shade communicates a different meaning. Your mood, what you’re doing and what you’re experiencing in life, determines the colours of your aura at any given time.

            A person in loving kindness usually develops a pink colour around the aura. Dull colours are negative and shows that you have attracted ill health and harm. The colours of your aura are also affected by the energies of other people. It is common to have other people’s colours in your aura. This can create many problems including confusion, inner unrest and even health problems. Once you’re enveloped with these negative colours, you have to cleanse your aura. The clearer and brighter your aura becomes, the sooner your progress towards optimising your Vibrational Bubble.

            Your aura can contain any one of the millions of colour variations in the universe. Following are some rough guidelines for interpreting aura colors but keep in mind that aura reading are also dependent on the shades and the energy of the person it is coming from:

            RED represents Life-force:
            ~ Raw Passion, Determination, Energy OR Frustration, Aggression, Materialistic

            ORANGE represents Warmth:
            ~ Creativity, Emotions, Vitality OR Self-expression, Self-absorbed, Emotions,

            YELLOW represents Mental Alertness:
            ~ Joy, Optimism, Enthusiasm OR Analytical, Ego, Dogmatic

            GREEN represents Healing:
            ~ Restful, Peace, Nurturing, OR Self-doubt, Possessive, Envy

            BLUE represents Communication:
            ~ Survivor, Free-thinking, Devotion OR Melancholy, Loneliness, Oversensitivity

            PURPLE represents Wisdom:
            ~ Imagination, Intuition, Humility OR Matriarchal, Authoritative, Domineering

            BROWN represents Grounding:
            ~ Down to earth, Practical OR Worthlessness, Distraction

            PINK represents Balanced Existence:
            ~ Love, Harmony, Purity OR Immaturity, Lack of Truthfulness

            BLACK represents Confusion:
            ~ Protection, Sacrifices OR Hatred, Deceit, Unforgiving

            WHITE represents Awakening:
            ~ Inspirational, Compassionate, Cleansing, Truth

            GOLD represents Dynamic Spiritual Energy
            ~ Revitalised, Integrity, Respect, Freedom, Clarity

            How to see our own Aura:
            1. Choosing good conditions is important: not only you see the Aura better, but also to gain a confidence about what you see.

            2. Stand about 1.5m in front of a good size mirror. It is best if the background behind you is plain white and softly illuminated.

            3. Choose a spot to look at preferably the middle of the forehead.

            4. Relax and look at this spot for 30 to 60 seconds or longer. Concentration on one spot increases your sensitivity by accumulating the effect of the Aura vibration reaching your eyes.

            5. While still looking at the same spot, you should see that the background nearby yourself is brighter and has a different color than the background further away. This is your own perception of the Aura. The longer you concentrate, the better you will see it.

            6. Practise for at least 10-15 minutes each day to increase your sensitivity and develop this auric sight.

            Now that we have discovered the magic colours of the human aura, let’s begin to cleanse our auric field of all destructive energies which we may have unconsciously attracted. Let’s remove all past life baggages. If we train our mind properly and cultivate positive thinking, we can radiate our aura brightly to attract all the bounties of life!

            Tuesday, November 18, 2008

            Law of Attraction: Appreciating Beauty & Oneself ...

            "A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness; but still will keep a bower quiet for us, and a sleep full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing."
            ~ Endymion: A Poetic Romance by John Keats

            Beauty can be found everywhere. It can uplift the whole human spirit ... the senses, the imagination, the emotions and the intellect. Much of our happiness lies in appreciation. Appreciation comes from the heart. Let's begin to appreciate all that's around us. Let's appreciate their beauty because beauty is truth! How do we begin to appreciate beauty?

            Through our senses:

          • Take in the sights
          • Breathe in the distinct freshness
          • Relax and listen to the rhythms
          • Feel the softness and warmth
          • Savour every bite and flavour
            • Experiencing through our emotions: Allow ourself to be affected deeply by its wonders and greatness

                Sharing with others: Share with others our amazements, our feelings, the inspirations we experienced from it

                  Finding beauty within ourself: Look for the beauty that lies within us that makes us unique and encourage others to find what is beautiful in themselves too.

                  The simplest definition of the Law of Attraction is "like attracts like". We get what we think about, whether wanted or unwanted. Appreciation of beauty leads us only to Happiness. When there is Happiness, we naturally feel good. This the very essence of our Vibrational Bubble towards realising our self-worth, our purpose in life and finally, manifesting our utmost Desires.

                  Monday, November 17, 2008

                  It's Never Too Late To Get Fit!

                  Why is it so important to get fit and stay in shape?

                  We all believe in the empowering nature of living a healthy and fit life. This means less illness and a natural state of balance between mind and body. If the body is not in good shape, the mind and spirit will suffer, too. A fit body improves nearly every aspect of our life i.e. personal, professional and social.

                  Do you remember how good it felt when you were a child racing down the street with the other kids on the block? Or how well you slept after playing hard all day? This same feelings of fulfillment are still available to us as adult if we’re willing to spend just a little time actively pursuing them. That’s what being fit is all about.

                  Fitness begins with simple things like regular exercise and a better diet. When these are in place, the spirit remembers how to fly. This is our natural state of equilibrium. It still belongs to us if we’re willing to claim it.

                  Society unfortunately has many prejudices that are projected onto those who are unfit. Do others respect you? Often these will creep into our self-esteem and causes negative feelings in ourselves that can lead to depression or anxiety. Do you respect yourself?

                  We have to realise that we all have the ability to tap into our own unlimited potential to overcome these common excuses:-

                  • I don’t have time!
                  • I’m healthy as a ox!
                  • I’m not overweight!
                  • I tried exercising but never lose weight!
                  • I can’t afford a gym membership!
                  • I’m too far gone already!

                  In order to achieve and receive what we desire, we need to be honest with ourselves and accept where we really are. By focusing on our specific goals and applying proven methods to improve our health and wellness, our desires will become a reality. By changing ourself first, we have the ability to transform our family and our community. We must take care of ourself in order to fully care for others.

                  It’s never too late to get fit ... get off that couch and get moving moving ... LET'S GET STARTED NOW!

                  1. To learn to empower ourself with better health and nutrition choices.
                  2. To learn the power of focus and goal setting in all aspects of our life.
                  3. To break old patterns and habits and create new ones towards healthier lifestyle.
                  4. To take an on-going accountability on our well-being.
                  5. To reduce body fat and inches.
                  6. To decrease the risks or improve our conditions of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and osteoporosis.
                  7. To improve our self esteem and add confidence.
                  8. TO LOOK YOUNGER & FEEL GREAT!

                  Today, inside my bubble ...

                  While waiting for Nicky whose having a tooth extracted at the dentist this morning ... popped into the clinic ... got frequent pain on my left big toe. Suspect maybe due the bunions on my feet after years of wearing high-heels to work ...
                  Arghhhh ... The Price of Vanity!

                  But this pain seem unlikely to be caused by my bunion. A blood test should soon confirm my doctor's suspicion ... it could be Gout.
                  ... Boo hoo hoo ... The Joy of Glorious Food!

                  What is Gout? It's more common in men than in women and caused by too much uric acid in the blood. When uric acid levels in the blood are too high, the uric acid may form hard crystals in the joints. Eat too much meat especially red meat (beef), fish that are high in chemicals called purines like 'ikan kembong' (mackerel), drink too much alcohol, overweight and some medication can cause it.

                  Most common sign of gout is a night-time attack of swelling, tenderness, redness, and sharp pain in the big toe or the foot or the ankle or the knees. Attacks can last a few days or many weeks ... the pain goes away.

                  Hmmm ... I am still young at heart but I guess my spare-parts are not! They are not running as smoothly as they should. Well, that's just my conscious mind telling me ... but my sub-conscious mind is right! It's telling me ...

                  "I am well and I am getting better!"

                  Sunday, November 16, 2008

                  Today, inside my bubble ...

                  Further to my earlier post today, I have tried Steve Pavlina's steps to define my own purpose in life. I didn't cry but the outcome had set me in motion to blog about Law of Attraction and my personal experiences.

                  I have a perceptive interest in the Law of Attraction. My ardent belief that my inner subconscious mind is a power-house that's waiting to be unleashed is my motivator. My career requires me to guide others towards self-development and motivating them to harness their potential to excel. I am grateful that my career has allowed me the opportunity to learn and to develop in this area. I decided to make these my purpose in life:

                  1. To generously share my knowledge, experience and skills
                  2. To guide and motivate anyone who seeks to better themselves
                  3. To inspire others through self-healing, self-growth and my accomplishments
                  4. To exercise charity to the needy

                  Dear Friends ... Thanks for following my blog and understanding my purpose in life.

                  As your life purpose and intentions become clearer, your life is bound to move more powerfully in the direction you want it to go. May your life become ever richer and fuller as you move with greater purpose, focus and intention through each day.

                  Law of Attraction: Finding Your Purpose in Life ...

                  Yesterday, Sonia Miller at Success for the Soul posted "Law of Attraction - Manifesting Power Increases When You Live from Your Life’s Purpose". A life of purpose is not without work. We won't start to achieve our purpose until we get into motion. But where do we start, in which direction? First ask ourselves, 'So what do I want in life'?

                  In general, majority of us are discontented with our work, our lifestyle, our financial security, our family or even the community at-large. We just do not feel that sense of fulfillment and satisfaction with what we are doing. But few have the courage to make the changes necessary to find happiness and fulfillment. We are afraid because we want to avoid failure. As we lead our empty lives, we sometimes turn to bigotry and hatred for solace that further prevents us from discovering our purpose and potential in life.

                  The purpose in life is to add value to our life that can in turn add value to others in the world. It is our expression of what makes us feel alive. It's like a road map of our inner being. When we reach the cross-road where our personal goals e.g. career and family meet with our purpose, we will be able to feel the sense of accomplishments with tremendous integrity. It’s something we do, where at the end of the day, we can say "I made a difference!".

                  So what do I want? How do I find my purpose?

                  According to Steve Pavlina, "How to discover your life purpose in about 20 minutes" at, here’s what we should do:
                  1. Take out a blank sheet of paper or open up a word processor where you can type
                  2. Write at the top, “What is my true purpose in life?”
                  3. Write any answer that pops into your head. It doesn’t have to be a complete sentence. A short phrase is fine.
                  4. Repeat step 3 until you write the answer that makes you cry. This is your purpose.
                  Whether it makes sense or not, or it feels ridiculous, the choice is certainly up to you. What's the harm of trying? It's probably not going to take more than 20 minutes of your time but consider the lifelong benefits of living with a purpose:
                  • Focus
                  • Growth
                  • Peace
                  • Satisfaction
                  • Happiness
                  • Self-esteem
                  • Spirituality
                  • Enjoyment

                  Saturday, November 15, 2008

                  Law of Attraction: Manifestations In-Absentia ...

                  Yesterday I posted the plight of a 10-year-old boy, Yeap Jia Hui and the caring qualities of the Malaysian society. Today, we celebrate the joy that his future is now bright again and any immediate uncertainties on his upgringing had been sorted out by his guardians.

                  When his plight was highlighted in the local paper in April and recently, the society in general were very touched and concerned for his well-being. Then and now, offers of financial assistance, shelter and adoption poured in from all corners of Malaysia. Each time, a satisfactory arrangement were duly identified for him with his best interest in mind.

                  Thumbs up to all the concerned citizens of our society. You choose to believe that something good can happen for Jia Hui. You had faith. In your mind, you have automatically chosen a mental picture of how this young boy should have a loving guardian looking after him, attending school and enjoying what every boy his age should be doing.

                  Your noblest thoughts for Jia Hui combined with faith in your respective Infinite Being, had summoned "the power of manisfestations in-absentia" from the general public. You have the power to choose how you will react and you have chosen! Now the whole world, not just Malaysians have responded to you. Me too!

                  This a perfect example that the Law of Attraction works!

                  Friday, November 14, 2008

                  Law of Attraction: Do Children Put Out Intentions ...

                  On 11 Nov 2008, a local newspaper featured a follow-up report on a 10-year-old boy who made headlines in April when his plight was reported by the press. For almost 2 years, Yeap Jia Hui was living alone in a smelly rubbish-filled apartment in Penang having been left to fend for himself by his mother. She would normally bank-in between RM20 and RM30 a month for his upkeep. No one knew who the boy’s father was. For the past 7 months, he has been living under the care of his maternal grand-aunt. Sadly, due to poor health, she may have to give Jia Hui up for adoption now.

                  According to Jia Hui's school principal, “He is very strong mentally as he had gone through the worst in Penang. Jia Hui is fine and jovial. We have no problems with him in school”. Certainly, at such a young age, Jia Hui will still have the innate power to overcome the many adversities he's been put through. He will be resilient to survive.

                  Regretfully, we have to face this question. Did Jia Hui intended for all these hardship to happen to him? It is a tough question that will require us to have an open mind to understand the Law of Attraction. Children are born without any excess baggage of negative thoughts, fear or hate. They possess pure innocence and love. They have no intentions but pure joy for life. How then, do we explain Jia Hui's predicament?

                  As a parent, I can only opined the boy's sufferings are the manifestations brought on by the adults in his life. First and foremost, his mother. His life's hardship had already been determined in her mind due to her fear of uncertainties and compounded by her inability to provide for him. Instead of providing him with love and striving to provide a better life for him and herself, she chooses to run away.

                  I don't want to be judgemental, but unless it is under circumstances beyond control, being a parent who has brought a child into this world, it is a natural maternal instinct to provide for the child above our own needs. No matter how little or how best we can do, we have the will power to make the best of every situation, least is to abandon a helpless child.

                  Malaysians are known to be a caring society. I am glad that offers of financial assistance, shelter and adoption had poured in for him over the last 2 days. I can only hope that the adults who have been given the authority over his future will have his best interest at heart.

                  Today, inside my bubble ...

                  Had a shock this morning when moderating one of the new comments left on my blog. I had been tagged by Jessica at The dark, empty corners of my mind blog. I had been unable to read her latest 2 posts recently and naturally, I thought I had been banned!

                  Well, as it turned out, tagging is something fun. Thanks alot Jessica! The tag rules are as follows:

                  • Each player starts with the "lucky 8" number of random fact about themselves.
                  • If you are tagged, you'll need to write your own blog about the 8 things and post them.
                  • At the end of your blog post, you need to tag eight people and list their names.
                  • Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged and to read your blog.
                  • Additionally, no tagging back!

                  8 facts about me:

                  1. I had always been a go-getter, now trying to slow down and enjoy life!
                  2. I have a fear of drowning and heights
                  3. I love my better-half to death, though he had been naughty
                  4. I adore my son eventhough he possesses such a frustrating rebellion
                  5. I am in the process of striking the Mega Toto Jackpot of RM20,000,000
                  6. I enjoy blogging, rambling about ideals and experiences
                  7. I still have plenty of things to do in this lifetime, I want freedom of time!
                  8. I am going to grow old gracefully surrounded by loved ones and friends
                  I am new at this. I do not have many regular followers yet. I am apprehensive to tag others that I have been following anonymously. So, let's see ... I will tag only these 2 people:-

                  Kwee Nah at
                  Angel at I Want To Feel Good

                  Thursday, November 13, 2008

                  Law of Attraction: Accelerate Through Humour ...

                  You hear it everywhere, ever so frequently, "Laughter is the best medicine". I am not going to ask if you agree or not cos' everybody is entitled to their opinion ... as for me, I agree wholeheartedly, that's the priority!

                  In our continuous efforts to learn and apply the Law of Attraction in our daily life, we amplify on the need for positive thinking, reconditioning therapy and belief. All the energy focus towards self-healing can place a huge demand on our minds and emotions. It is crucial then to remember that we must not neglect our mental and emotional health. We will just be driving ourselves to the ground without achieving any success of manifestations, possibly more of what we don't want!

                  It is important to keep humor at the forefront of our thought. Laugh at ourselves and with ourselves whenever possible. We may find ourselves rekindling some child-like spontaneity and loosen up! Humor is very attractive and laughter can be contagious. Laughter is a powerful healer and always succeeded in bringing people together. Humor and laughter is all about feeling good and according to the Abraham's teachings, "it is good to feel good". Enjoy ourselves while pursuing our goals can raise our level of vitality and happiness. Humour and laughter will certainly benefit us by aiding the speedy success of our manifestations.
                  Let's try to maintain a sense of humour. If we don't have it already, the let's start cultivating one. We can light up our life with a little bit of humour each day and enjoy the many benefits of the powerful medicine of laughter.

                  Wednesday, November 12, 2008

                  Today, inside my bubble ...

                  Went to the gym earlier this evening. Did a half-hour cycling only, having been caught up in a conversation with the gym's trainer, Mike on my favourite topic, Law of Attraction. Well, Mike doesn't seem to have any inkling on the Law of Attraction, but our common subject was still 'we manifest what we expect'.

                  Mike's a handsome young chap, still single if any of the young ladies out there are interested. Sign up for his personal training services, you'll get the chance to know him better! Called up the Kota Permai Golf & Country Club, I'm not giving out his contact.

                  He shared how he had been harnessing the power of visualisation since a young age to magnetised himself and attract all his expectations for his future. He talked about overcoming the fear, making the initial decision, changing and improving his inner self before putting in the determination and perseverance to manifest. Humbly, he says he still has a lot to learn and grow and hope to inspire others.

                  Mike and Ray are very much into competitive running in the local circuit ... 10km runs, half-marathons and full marathons. Ray have been trying to convince me to participate in these runs for ages but I am just not interested. Frankly, I don't like to run but I do it for health reasons and vanity. I like other forms of exercises, especially body-combat, aerobics and dancing.

                  By now ... I am sure you would have realised where is Mike's conversation heading, right?
                  Mike, You are SMOOTH. Man, very, very smooth ...

                  Muar Misiput Gals at Yahoo! Group

                  Did you enjoy your school life? I bet most did.
                  I can't say that mine was an eventful one ... but despite being the chubby girl who always get teased ... I did enjoy my school life very much.

                  During our school days, life was so uncomplicated. We looked at everything and anything in very simple perspectives. Everything and anything was possible, they were great achievements to us! No apprehensions ... no doubts ... unbridled enthusiasms! We don't demand much of life except materialistically here and there from our parents. Isn't it nostalgic reminicsing the past carefree days?

                  It had been an exciting past 3 days since my schoolmate, Kwee Nah proposed to set up a Yahoo! Group for the Class of '80 from our school, SMK Convent Secondary Muar. In a jiffy, we already decided and registered the group, the "Muar Misiput Gals", all because 'Misiput' ('Mee Siput' actually) was our common favourite staple during our school years. It was the most unique flavour that all of us can relate to. Kwee Nah, being a veteran copywriter, then put in a cute little brief about the group. That was the easy part.

                  The challenge next will be to get in touch with everyone from the Class of '80 and send them the invite link! This was why the idea to set up the Group was mooted in the first place! Everyone is just all over everywhere! I have put a link on my blog here too, just in case, any schoolmates of mine does check out my blog. Hey, it's a small world actually.

                  It was fun today when I managed to call up some of my schoolmates, fully confident they have not changed or terminated the last contact I have of them. Fruitful ... it was very fruitful ... Next, we just have to wait for the news to spread like wild fire!

                  Glitter Generator -

                  Today, inside my bubble ...

                  In our Asian culture and beliefs, there are many myths or old-wives' tales that are credible and also incredulous.

                  Ray picked up one that he lives by diligently i.e. if the left palm of your hands itches would mean influx of $$$ while the right palm would mean outflow of $$$. To me, plain and simple ... it's just the miracle workings of our inner subsconcience ... "like attracts like".

                  The airconditioning in my office had deteriorated to blowing only hot air for the past 2 months. I thought that it would have been replaced by the time I returned from my one week's leave. Alas, it was not so cos' my Boss decided to KIV the replacement. The mini fan which my assistant, Mimi so generously loaned to me also failed to work now. Hot! Hot! Hot!
                  So I decided I will bring an antique 'clanking' fan available at home to work today. Truthfully, I don't have any other fan anyway.

                  While driving to work, my left palm was itching continuously and the confidence of some enormous abundance overwhelmed me. I wondered was it going to be the RM20,000,000 jackpot today? Hey! I still believe if someone else can win the earlier RM20 million jackpot, the possibilities for me is equally as high!

                  I reached the office and as usual, the first thing I do is to replenish my Boss' drinks and clear his out-tray. And??? ... You guess it! Approval to replace the air-cond! Hooray!

                  Friends ... this is no small feat please ... I have been complaining about the air-cond for so long now ... credulous or incredulous ...
                  I just have to bear with the faulty air-cond for few more days only!

                  Tuesday, November 11, 2008

                  Today, inside my bubble ...

                  Most people would call it 'Coincidence'.
                  I call it 'The Manifestation by the Power of My Inner Consciousness".

                  As I was completing my earlier post this morning, I had a short chat with my friend, Jess. As we broached into my favourite topic, Law of Attraction, she had suggested that I should guide my son, Nick to develop his Vibrational Bubble. Of course, I had not talk about the post by Evelyn of Attraction Mind Map. But isn't it interesting, when our subconscious is so caught-up in the subject, manifestations can be witnessed through various manners. In this situation, it was a positive one.

                  Dear Friends, belittle my little proof if you want, but please do not belittle the treasure of infinite power within you. Explore and harness it!

                  "Today, the Law of Attraction is unfolding and orchestrating all that needs to happen to bring me my desires."

                  Law of Attraction: Empowering the Young ...

                  Last night I was catching up on the latest post by Evelyn at on '7 Keys to Law of Attraction Living for Kids'. She talked about how kids can have a better advantage over the adults in mastering the law of attraction. She also shared how her own daughters are exposed to living the law of attraction. It's good that her daughters are still very young when she started guiding them towards applying the Law of Attraction in their daily lives. They are just beautifully uncomplicated.

                  It immediately got me thinking about my 17-year-old son, Nicholas. Well, I didn't know what I didn't know before about the inner riches within ourselves and how when nurtured correctly can lead us to attract life's boundless abundance! Nonetheless, it is never too late to start guiding him now in manifesting towards leading a more empowered life. After all, the adventures of his life is only beginning to take-off. He has so much ahead of him to experience, to learn, to grow, to enjoy and to inspire.

                  Most of us adults carry an accummulated load of negative thoughts, beliefs and habits. Throughout our lifetime, we had been bombarded with negative suggestions meant to disciplin or to control or to instill fear in us. Before we can successfully manifest deliberate attractions, we will have to recondition ourselves first, to rid all the negative impressions of the past. Fortunately for Nick, damage-control is not impossible and will be most fulfilling.

                  The vagrant - Happy mother and child by Barry Lu 陸維陽 at

                  Today, as I progress in my journey to harness the power of my inner consciousness, I shall encourage and guide Nick to reflect and heal the negative conditioning already operating within him that can distort him from mastering his fate.

                  Monday, November 10, 2008

                  Law of Attraction: Simple Keys to Happy Life ...

                  Whether we want to live a long life or if we only have an opportunity to live a short one ...
                  Let's make it a happy life!

                  How we are going to achieve that happiness is entirely a choice of our own. Each and everyone of us are raised with differing backgrounds, culture and religion. Our differring passions, expectations and life's experiences also influenced our definition of happiness. Long story short, "DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY" as the song goes.

                  No doubt, wealth makes a lot of difference in the happy life we seek, not all of us are born with a silver spoon in our mouth. For a start, I believe there is a common ground somewhere and from my simple perspective, I believe the following keys will help us onto the path towards happiness:-

                  ~ be generous with our unconditional love for everyone and anyone

                  ~ maintain a healthy mind and body through reasonable eating habits and diets, plenty of physical activities and rests

                  ~ spend time with our friends while making new ones too

                  ~ pick up a passion, an activity we love very much and time will come to stand still

                  ~ acquire some form of spiritual guidance of our choice to find solace and inner peace

                  ~ extend our hands to reach out to those in need with random acts of kindness

                  ~ know where to stop, overdoing may lead us away from the joys we started with

                  ~ savour every moment here and now and be grateful when we looked back

                  Over time, these simple keys will become positive and life-changing habits that will begin to bring more happiness, joy and peace into our life.

                  Remember, whatever life throws out at us, are the manifestations from our inner consciousness. We can choose to go through life just sitting by the sidelines or we can get up and play the game to the way we desire. Whichever option, "like attracts like" and we will receive more of it!

                  Today, inside my bubble ...

                  It's back to the grind today!
                  Surprisingly, I so eagerly looked forward to report back for work that I managed to wake up before my alarm set-off. I didn't even rolled on the bed and then dragged myself to the bathroom like I always do ...

                  Been busy whole morning clearing my emails and what not ...
                  So far so good ... my spirits high cos' I have decided to maintain a new outlook in the office ...

                  "KEEP A LOW PROFILE!"

                  Office politics are common in Malaysian offices and my organisation is no exception. Whether you like it or not, you will always have to watch your back! It's pointless swimming against the current. I'll just stay consistently focused on my job responsibilities at hand and stay positively focused on my desires.

                  "Our happiness depends on the habit of mind we cultivate.
                  So practice happy thinking every day. Cultivate the merry heart,
                  develop the happiness habit, and life will become a continual feast."
                  ~ Norman Vincent Peale, Positive Thinking Every Day

                  Sunday, November 9, 2008

                  My Mum My Hero ...

                  So I mentioned my late Mum in my earlier post this morning. Couldn't help it ... the cherished moments with her flooded back.

                  People normally said "My Dad My Hero" but to me, Mum's my Hero. If not for her, I am not what I am today, neither am I where I am today. As I was the baby of the brood, I was naturally the closest to her. She asserted a lot of values and principles in me. Of course during that point in time, it was in one ear and out the other.

                  Mum never really had it easy in life, not ever since she had to marry my Dad during the Japanese Occupation. You see, it was not safe for any young women during that period. She was from a well-to-do westernised family while my Dad's the typical conservative Chinese family. She suffered abuses both from my Dad and my grandmother. But she held her head high. As my Dad was not one who cared for the family, she did whatever necessary like washing people's clothes, house-cleaning, selling fried noodle, baby-sitting, to ensure food on the table and for our schooling, plus her extended family. She single-handedly raised 5 children on her own. In later years, when my Dad suffered a stroke and was bedridden, Mum dutifully took care of him for more than 10 years.

                  She was very particular about getting sufficient education for all of us. I still remember her story, how she had to sit outside the classroom under the blazing sun just to ensure that my brother does not run away from class. How she had to plead with the school principal of an elite missionary school to enrol my brother. Then during my school days, she would always play the tontine to ensure she had sufficient savings when my examination fees and school books are due.

                  Well, Mum may not have had the chance to have an education herself, but she had the determination that her children must have. It was her sheer determination that gave us our future today.

                  It's been 5 years since she's left us due to stomach cancer. No one can turn back the hands of time. I only wish I had been a little more loving, understanding and kinder to her when she was still with us.

                  Mlabri, The People Time Forgot ... Easylife Hammocks

                  I was chatting with my ex-schoolmate just the other day before I went on leave. She was multi-tasking, updating her website while chatting with me on the Law of Attraction. You see, she's a work@home mum, a freelance copywriter. And now into a web-based business too. For as long as I have known her, I have always admired her outgoing can-do-attitude. Some people just don't change right?

                  I hope she forgives me for paying so little attention on her new business interest when she told me the last time. I enquired little bit and interestingly, I think most of us just use it without much of a second thought. A hammock. You know those swings meant for the adults that you can't miss at the beach resorts? What more do you know about this tool of relaxation? I didn't either until I checked out her website at

                  Easylife Hammocks are made by a group of indigenous people living in Southeast Asia. Mlabri means “Forest People”, a tribe found living in the jungles of Thailand and Laos. No one knew of their existence until a Protestant missionary decided to lead them out from the Stone Age some 30 years ago. Then, a veteran motorcross biker put them into the internet world through the hammock business. Read more at

                  Today, inside my bubble ...

                  Heavenly ... just woke up. The same for the past one week. I won't be up until it is at least 10.30 am. Like my late mum used to cry, "the sun's shining over your backside already lor".

                  Tomorrow ... tomorrow ... tomorrow ... aaaarghhhh!
                  back to the grind ... back to work ... no more sleeping late and getting up late! Facing the blues already ... @#$%

                  Now you understand why I want early retirement? The freedom of time ... to do whatever I want at whatever godly hours I choose and at whatever snail pace or concorde speed I choose! No living by people's rules!

                  Friends asked "What you want to do retire so early?"
                  Oooooh ... plenty! There are so many things I want to do right now! I am sure I can think of many more constructive things to do when I am in full control of my time.

                  Saturday, November 8, 2008

                  Today, inside my bubble ...

                  It's been 2 months since I jogged round the neighbourhood park. Since I sprained my ankle in August, I have only been carrying weights, cycling and running on the threadmill at the gym. I used to be able to jog 2x round the park, yet I failed to complete one round on Thursday and only managed one round today.

                  How fast my stamina slides when I decided to take it easy for awhile. I am not going to be disappointed about it.

                  Cos' fear not ... I shall be running round the mountain soon. I just have to psycho myself to jog an additional distance each time.

                  Law of Attraction: The Power of Free Will ...

                  Free will ... self-determination ... the discretion to make free choices that are unconstrained by external circumstances or by any forces such as fate or divine will.

                  Ray and myself are still in middle of our annual leave. So, we decided to clear out some old junks in the house like out-of-fashion clothes and old magazines. Ray also decided to clear out his old copies of Reader's Digest and intends to sell to the secondhand bookstore. I couldn't help having a quick run thru the pages for a good read before the books are gone. That's when I came across these 3 inspiring real-life tales of self-determination that overcame disabilities, shame and fear.

                  The 1st an article by Marc Lerner "Grasping Life":

                  • It chronicled the life of a renowned Taiwanese mouth-artist, Hsieh Kun-Shan. Hsieh came from a poor family and had to start work at a very young age. At the age 16, due to a work-related accident, he lost both his arms and a leg and subsequently an eye. Yet he refused to be defeated by the heavy blow. Deprived of his hands, he taught himself to paint with his mouth and even became an excellent painter. His optimistic spirit has moved a lot of people.

                  The 2nd an article by David Moller "Marathon of Miracles":

                  • It shared the courageous decision by a British ex-boxing champion, Michael Watson who suffered brain damage after a super-middleweight fight in September 1991 to run in the London Marathon 2003. With only one good leg, he pivots along the official route and completed the marathon in 6 days 2 hours and 27 minutes. It was the slowest time in the marathon's history. However, Michael Watson's determination won the nation's heart.

                  The 3rd article written by Robert Kiener "An Unspeakable Nightmare, An Unstoppable Dream":

                  • It tells the courageous struggle of an illiterate Pakistani woman, brutally raped and was supposed to kill herself to restore her family's honour. Instead she choose to live, rose above the humiliation and threats of death to fight for justice and went on to become a woman activitist devoting her life to the cause of oppressed women and education in her country.

                  It is hard not to be touched and inspired by these stories of unflagging perseverance in the face of adversity, never for one moment losing hope. One would expect them having suffered such misfortunes to complain and grumble about unfairness in life. Yet they stood tall with their resilience to become a symbol strength and inspiration to so many across the globe.

                  "What we think determines what happens to us, so if we want to change our lives, we need to stretch our minds." Dr. Wayne Dyer, a self-help advocate, author and lecturer.

                  Friday, November 7, 2008

                  Six Ghosts of Fear #6: The Fear of Poverty

                  Do you have a fear of poverty? It is termed as 'Peniaphobia'. Does poverty necessarily frightened us? A life without dignity with deprivation to the very basic things such as food, water and shelter and the opportunity to learn and engage in employment.

                  "Poverty is no disgrace to a man, but it is confoundly inconvenient"
                  ~ Sydney Smith, His Wit & Wisdom 1900

                  How true. It's an inconvenience which is man-made. Unless it is due to uncontrolled forces such as a powerless government or driven by cultural ignorance or due to climatic instabilities, it is within our grasp to overcome such predicament.

                  I know I need not fear. I live in a country where apportunities are still available for everyone. Of course, no one is ever satisfied because the grass is always greener on the side of the fence. That aside, nowadays everyone has a given chance to education. With education, comes learned decisions which determines how we manoeuvre life.

                  No one chooses poverty unless it chooses us. If inevitable, which I strongly believe will not happen in Malaysia, then accept it as a temporary inconvenience, a temporary setback while we use every opportunities available to regain a firm footing.

                  Dear Friends, we have been given that opportunity to decide how we want our life to be. Be grateful and enforce your right to protect your way of life. Economically and politically. However, please spare a little thought of those who are deprived this basic right:

                  Today, inside my bubble ...

                  Change! Change! Change!
                  There is so much changes to be anticipated! I am so excited!
                  • Changes in me
                  • Changes in my outlook
                  • Changes in my environment
                  • Changes in my future undertakings

                  As I look back in time with gratitude, I am thankful for;

                  • all the experience I have garnered
                  • all the things I have accomplished todate
                  • all the loved ones in my life, Ray, Nicky, my sister, my brothers, my nieces and nephews
                  • all the people I met along the way, friends, colleagues, bosses, neighbours and acquaintances
                  • all the opportunities that had been presented to me
                  Today, I look forward to every change that come my way. I have no regrets the way I have spent the last 25 years of my life (my age take-away the first 20 years of my childhood and adolescence). But I am definitely not going to remain status quo. I am going to make my next 25 years more enjoyable and happier!
                    Dear Friends, writing affirmations like these are overwhelmingly positive to my psyche. I would suggest you do too. If everyone can sustain positive energy all the time, what kind of a world do you think we can have? I am sure one that I would love very much!

                    Drawing By Cheryl Piperberg

                    Thursday, November 6, 2008

                    Law of Attraction: Knowing What You Want ...

                    Incredible! It's historical! America's first black President!
                    Senator Barack Obama.
                    It's a sign of change in the making and this change will definitely have an impact on the rest of the world.

                    See how the dream, the courage and the determination of this one man has gotten him. Above all, he made a decision to begin with. Crossing the barriers of race, religion and culture since he began his campaign in February 2007. Today, he is the Commander-in-Chief for the United States of America.

                    "Desire is the key to motivation,
                    but it's the determination and commitment
                    to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal
                    - a commitment to excellence
                    - that will enable you to attain the success you seek."

                    ~ Mario Andretti
                    Formula One Racing Legend

                    Tuesday, November 4, 2008

                    Today, inside my bubble ...

                    Went shopping today for a wireless router and a SDRAM at an IT haven in town. It's called 'Low Yat Plaza'. Walking round and round, we managed to purchase a Netgear wireless router for RM95. Its a real bargain actually because the salesperson made a mistake quoting the price. At its cheapest, it shouldn't be anything less than RM100.

                    Finding the SDRAM is a bigger problem. My computer is a 1st generation Pentium IV. It uses the PC-100 SDRAM which is practically obsolete. We found some recycled ones and it costs a bomb, RM180 at the cheapest. Phooey ... for a 2nd-hand part! I might as well buy a new one at RM250 which I found subsequently. In the end, I managed to buy a new one for RM195 and it comes with manufacturer's lifetime warranty.

                    IT technologies are moving really really fast and for a little bit IT-savvy homosapien relic like Ray, hmmm ...
                    ... he just cannot understand why we have to pay so much for an old RAM card when the newer DDR2 cards are so much cheaper. Well, reluctantly, he paid for it. Unless he wants to pay 10x more for a new notebook I am eyeing!

                    Monday, November 3, 2008

                    Six Ghosts of Fear #5: The Fear of Criticism

                    Criticism ... Do we need them? To welcome or ignore?
                    A friend will give constructive criticism to help us improved. An enemy will give destructive criticism to mean us harm. Can we tell them apart?

                    Why fuss over it? Whatever it is, good or bad ... to accept or to ignore ... to be happy or to be angry ... to be inspired or to be hurt ... it's our choice to choose. If we choose to take it negatively, we will self-sabotage ourselves with negative thoughts. On the other hand, if we take the criticisms in our stride and use them as stepping stones to improve ourselves, we should be grateful to either friend or foe.

                    End of the day, we cannot control what others have to say about us. It is what we feel about ourselves that's important. If we have a positive mindset about ourselves and our potential and with a clear conscience of what we are doing, no one can judge otherwise. Confidence enables us to feel at peace with ourselves. With confidence, we will be able to relate easily and openly to anyone and any surroundings, without FEAR of criticism or judgement.

                    To help abate my fear, I have begun practising these initial steps:
                    1. Sharing positive information about myself e.g. writing this blog and sharing about it with all my friends and possibly, anyone who is keen to know me.
                    2. Be kind to myself by lowering my self-expectations and allowing myself to proceed at a gentler pace at whatever I set out to do without compromising discipline.
                    3. Taking care of my body with regular exercise at the gym, jogs at the park and maintaining a healthy diet.
                    4. Stimulating my mind with reading, playing computer or psp games and at times, just day-dreaming.
                    5. Learning to relax by being less hurried in whatever I do and compromise wherever I can.
                    6. Improve my self-presentation through my fashion-sense, grooming and decision-making.
                    Today, I have decided to take full advantage of whatever criticism that come my way, either with good intentions or otherwise, to give myself a firm foundation of confidence. I shall reward my critics with a warm 'SMILE' and a simple 'THANK YOU' in return for turning me into a better person.

                    Today, inside my bubble ...

                    Ah ... today's the first day of my week-long annual leave!
                    No pressure to wake up early ...
                    No pressure to drive through the traffic jam on the way to work ...
                    No pressure to drive through the traffic jam again on the way home ...
                    My time is mine to kill!
                    Now, can you understand my desire for early Retirement?

                    Sunday, November 2, 2008

                    Law of Attraction: Counteract Negative Suggestions ...

                    I bumped into an ex-colleague this afternoon. He was having lunch with his wife. They are such a lovely affectionate young couple. I attended their wedding 2 years back. Naturally, noticing no-baby in-tow, I popped the question "When?".

                    The response was instantaneous and spontaneously, "No la, not yet la, cannot affort now!"

                    They are not being selfish. No one can blame them. A reality check ... we can't deny that the cost of living is spiralling upwards with no signs of ever slowing down. Our economy is further aggravated by the global economic crisis. Recession in our country is just looming ahead. Wouldn't you think twice about raising a family too!

                    Day in day out, we read in the papers about the economic uncertainties, both globally and locally. It sows the seeds of futility, worry, anxiety and fear in us. These are autosuggestions played up by the country's politicians and the media. Are we just going to accept them sitting down? Acceptance would only create thoughts of fear that can bring our lives to a standstill. Do we want to just wallow in pessimistic living.

                    We have the power within us to counteract these destructive suggestions by giving ourselves constructive suggestions that restore our confidence in our own capabilities to weather the storm. Or perhaps, riding the storm to greater heights! If we have trust in ourselves, we have trust in the Infinite Being to lead and guide us towards the right actions.

                    For generations, economic crisis come and go. From the Great Depresssion in 1929 to the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997, the human intelligence has always been able to find and create new solutions in the wings. Let us not be too influenced by any forms of propagandas and become self-limiting to continue living in the abundance of health, happiness and prosperity.

                    Again, I would like to recap Mr. Henry Ford's words,
                    "If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you are right!"

                    Law of Attraction: Raising an Ideal Child ...

                    Raising a teenager is stressful. As raging hormones, a struggle for independence, peer pressure and an emerging identity wreak havoc in their soul, parents are challenged with parenting creativity, patience and courage.

                    A parent's responsibility is to guide a child to adulthood, ingrain moral values and help them negotiate the social and cultural expectations. Parents are the appointed role model for the child. To see new ideas, ideals, goals and independence emerged in a child is a tough journey. A journey where success will be sweet but failure will still be unavoidable. We can only have faith that at the end of the journey, our child will turn out to be a responsible and respected adult.

                    As I watch my son, Nicky developed his independence, I realise that my journey with him is almost complete. After his SPM examination, he will embark on his own on a new journey of self-discovery and development. But that does not mean we will not be there to give him the encouragement and support.

                    At the moment, he's still at an impressionable age and could spend hours day-dreaming about his future life. Well, I have no qualms about it ... dreaming is good ... a visualisation of his desires. He is already planning for the things he can do or will buy "when he grows up".

                    To my dear son, Nicky, always remember this;

                    "There are two things to aim at in life;
                    first to get what you want, and after that to enjoy it;
                    Only the wisest of mankind has achieved the second."
                    ~ Logan Pearsall Smith

                    Saturday, November 1, 2008

                    Today, I observed this proof ...

                    SPM Fever is here! That's what many are calling it. It will commence on 11 November and ends on 5 December 2008.

                    No doubt, it's an annual affair for all schools, it is actually a nightmare for every parent who has a 17 going on to 18-year-old schoolgoing teenager. The nightmare already began more than a year before!

                    For non-Malaysians readers, SPM stands for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia or the Malaysian Certificate of Education which is the equivalent of the British GCSE. It is a national examination taken by all fifth form students in Malaysia. There are minimum requirements set to obtain the certificate which provides an opportunity for the students to continue their studies to pre-university level.

                    In one of my earlier posts, I had mentioned something about Nicky's SPM examination. Well, for the past month, I can see that he has increased tremendous priority in his preparations. Of course, my expectation is higher than what he has proven. Anyhow, at this point in time, when the examination is already so close, it would be pointless to impose additional pressure on him.

                    Looking at him this past weeks, I am so overwhelmed by the fact that he is now almost a grown man and will soon be leaving the nest. I am glad that Ray and me have done a good enough job in raising him, despite our trepidations and his rebellions.

                    As a mother, it is never easy to let go of her child as they grow into adulthood. What more an only child in my case. Nicky's relatively a smart teenager who can think on his own two feet when he's on his own. I have tried giving him every chance to be self-sufficient and I can say that I am filled with a certain satisfaction knowing that he will be able to survive on his own away from home.

                    I have full confidence in him and strongly believe he will do us proud when he passes the SPM examination. We shall look forward with favoured anticipation when the result is released sometime in March 2009.