Sunday, November 2, 2008

Law of Attraction: Counteract Negative Suggestions ...

I bumped into an ex-colleague this afternoon. He was having lunch with his wife. They are such a lovely affectionate young couple. I attended their wedding 2 years back. Naturally, noticing no-baby in-tow, I popped the question "When?".

The response was instantaneous and spontaneously, "No la, not yet la, cannot affort now!"

They are not being selfish. No one can blame them. A reality check ... we can't deny that the cost of living is spiralling upwards with no signs of ever slowing down. Our economy is further aggravated by the global economic crisis. Recession in our country is just looming ahead. Wouldn't you think twice about raising a family too!

Day in day out, we read in the papers about the economic uncertainties, both globally and locally. It sows the seeds of futility, worry, anxiety and fear in us. These are autosuggestions played up by the country's politicians and the media. Are we just going to accept them sitting down? Acceptance would only create thoughts of fear that can bring our lives to a standstill. Do we want to just wallow in pessimistic living.

We have the power within us to counteract these destructive suggestions by giving ourselves constructive suggestions that restore our confidence in our own capabilities to weather the storm. Or perhaps, riding the storm to greater heights! If we have trust in ourselves, we have trust in the Infinite Being to lead and guide us towards the right actions.

For generations, economic crisis come and go. From the Great Depresssion in 1929 to the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997, the human intelligence has always been able to find and create new solutions in the wings. Let us not be too influenced by any forms of propagandas and become self-limiting to continue living in the abundance of health, happiness and prosperity.

Again, I would like to recap Mr. Henry Ford's words,
"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you are right!"

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