Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Law of Attraction: Empowering the Young ...

Last night I was catching up on the latest post by Evelyn at http://www.attractionmindmap.com/ on '7 Keys to Law of Attraction Living for Kids'. She talked about how kids can have a better advantage over the adults in mastering the law of attraction. She also shared how her own daughters are exposed to living the law of attraction. It's good that her daughters are still very young when she started guiding them towards applying the Law of Attraction in their daily lives. They are just beautifully uncomplicated.

It immediately got me thinking about my 17-year-old son, Nicholas. Well, I didn't know what I didn't know before about the inner riches within ourselves and how when nurtured correctly can lead us to attract life's boundless abundance! Nonetheless, it is never too late to start guiding him now in manifesting towards leading a more empowered life. After all, the adventures of his life is only beginning to take-off. He has so much ahead of him to experience, to learn, to grow, to enjoy and to inspire.

Most of us adults carry an accummulated load of negative thoughts, beliefs and habits. Throughout our lifetime, we had been bombarded with negative suggestions meant to disciplin or to control or to instill fear in us. Before we can successfully manifest deliberate attractions, we will have to recondition ourselves first, to rid all the negative impressions of the past. Fortunately for Nick, damage-control is not impossible and will be most fulfilling.

The vagrant - Happy mother and child by Barry Lu 陸維陽 at Flickr.com

Today, as I progress in my journey to harness the power of my inner consciousness, I shall encourage and guide Nick to reflect and heal the negative conditioning already operating within him that can distort him from mastering his fate.

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